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Monday, June 25, 2012

Miss A's Vanity

     Good morning everyone.  
There's nothing like a sweet little vanity for a sweet little girl.   And even sweeter, one done in pink - fit for a princess.
Vintage, Paint and more.. pink chalk painted vintage vanity for little girls room

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Love Thrift Stores

Good afternoon y'all.
     I have a few things to share with you that I got on my thrift store route the other day.

I love to go to thrift stores and real flea markets.
It is one of my absolute all time favorite pastimes and in this area
there is an abundance of thrift stores.

Every week on Wednesday or Sunday we head out to the local
thrift stores to see what great bargains
we can find.

Even Miss A gets in on the hunt.
You never know what treasure she is going to come up with.

This last week we hit on several bargains...

Lovin' this totally awesome vanity for
Miss A's room.
She's already informed us that it will be a "sweet pink"
and no other colors.
I think she may be right on that choice.

And this baby is just the answer to our no closet loft.
Wait till you see the after picture...
I am doing it in some really funky colors
as the loft is a guest room/media room
for all our grandchildren.

And check this stuff out....
A bentwood chair for $3.99 - my steal of the day.
A retro table for our funky loft.
A little desk lamp to sit on Miss A's vanity
a hatbox for her to store things in.

Check out this little table
it is so retro and so cute.
But, wait till you see it's makeover
funky and happy....

Well, that's it for this trip.
I think we did really good on our finds.
Exactly the pieces we needed
a lot of fun time ahead repurposing and refinishing.

What have you found lately - somethiing so cool
you couldn't pass it up?

Have a great week, do something you love and enjoy your life.

                                                                             I am lovin' my life in Carolina

joining Southern Hospitality
Thrifty treasures

Monday, June 18, 2012

Flower Table

Good day everyone,
Check out what I just finished. The cutest little flower table for Miss A's room.

Vintage, Paint and more... - painted table, table painted to look like flower, little flower table

Friday, June 15, 2012

Miss Fashionista

Good day folks and how are you all today?
I want to introduce you to our young resident Miss Fashionista.
She loves to pose for the cameras.

Anytime she sees a camera - she strikes a pose...
Sometimes it's really hard to get a "natural" pic
because of her
obsession with posing.
But for today - it's all well.....

She loves colorful, funky outfits as you can see.
We often call her our "Punky Brewster".
If you were young in the 80's
you probably remember her well.

She put this together for a day of school....
I must say it was quite a show stopper......

She loves to dress up like her heroines and adored cartoon characters

Miss Strawberry Shortcake ( red hair and all).

Miss Monkey Fairy Princess
( a character in her imagination).

Miss Ballerina

Remember, Bucky Beaver
"Brusha, brusha, brusha,..."

She does have a serious side -
Brookgreen Gardens tour....

Cool beach days....

Outlet mall shopping attire.....

Site seeing in Charleston on a cool winter day....

Hot summer park touring....

Dolphin cruising....

And then there are here sports outfits
Backyard baseball attire.
Is it a hit???

By the pool....
Rainbow bikini she couldn't wait to get....

and a great night of relays at
Nick at Night.

War paint and all.

Yes, I think we can all attest to the fact
that this young fashionista loves her fashion.

But, even the most aspiring fashionista
needs to take a nap....

Do you have a fashionista in residence at your house. 
Is she your "Punky Brewster"?

Until next time have fun, do what you love and
enjoy your life.....

                                                                                  Lovin' my life in Carolina

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Whimsically Painted Desk For a Little Girl

Hello there - and what a lovely day it is....

Vintage, Paint and more... cup of coffee

Grab your coffee, a comfy seat and let's chat awhile.  I have lots to share with you today.  
 I have been promising you for a while that I would start posting some of my before and after projects. Today is the first of those.  We have been diligently working on getting Miss A's Space together for her.  So, we have been thrift shopping to find the perfect pieces.  I truly love to refinish and re purpose furniture so, this made a great opportunity for me to be able to do what I love most -thrift shop, re purpose furniture, and PAINT.....  This is my first project for her room

Vintage, Paint and more... whimsically painted little desk, child's desk colorfully painted, fun painted desk for kid's room

Isn't it adorable....  I absolutely love it.   I saw the inspiration for it on Pinterest

Vintage, Paint and more - Inspiration picture from forever decorating

Isn't it just the sweetest...  I am not very good at remembering to take pics of what I am doing yet  I seem to forget most of the time - even though I keep my camera at my work station.  I just haven't gotten used to snapping each step so, alas, there are many steps left to the imagination on this one.

Vintage, Paint and more... thrifted desk to be upcycled

These are the before pics minus the drawer as I had already started painting it.  We found this little number at the local Good Will for $25.  A little bunged up and dirty - requiring a good cleaning.

Vintage, Paint and more... Zinsser paint primer, can of Zinsser

and a nice coat (actually 2 coats) of Zinsser primer and sealer.

Vintage, Paint and more... desk with primer, painted desk with primer coat

And this is what it looked like.  Then the decorative part of the painting. (and no pics, sorry)  I decided to do mine differently than the inspiration piece.  I painted each leg the pastel colors blue, pink, green and yellow. (The yellow is so pale it looks white in the pics)

Vintage, Paint and more - whimsically painted desk, decorative painted desk, child's desk

Then I painted the drawer pink.  The next step was painting the polka dots on the legs and drawer.  These I did free hand.  Just painted a white circle where it looked like one needed to be.  No science here.  ( After I was done my niece suggested I use a bingo dobber to do the circles - how clever - and why didn't I think of that??)

Then I painted the desktop and the apron white.  But, I couldn't leave that desktop untouched.....

Vintage, Paint and more... desk painted with whimsical decor, painted and thrifted desk

So I taped off a large square and painted it pink then added the pink polka dots the same as the legs.  Then came the hard part - the black check border around the pink square.  Now, this was challenging but, oh so worth it...  I marked off the squares and then placed an X on every other one. The X'd ones were painted black.  This was all done free hand also but if you find a brush the width of the square you want to make it becomes quite simple. 

Vintage, Paint and more... drawer liner done with wrapping paper and mod podge

The next step was to line the ugly drawer.   I hate ugly brown drawers.  I found some cute wrapping paper with a girly theme done with polka dots.  Really perfect for his funky little desk.  I decoupaged the paper on the inside of the drawer.  And, I really love how it turned out - perfect for a little girl.

Vintage, Paint and more... thrifted desk decorative painted with polka dots and black and white checks

The last step was to add a protective finish.  (Especially, since it was going in a 6-year-old's room)  I had a hard time deciding on a wax or a polyurethane coat.  I read a lot about both on the blogs I follow and finally decided wax was the best.  I used Johnson's clear coat wax.  I applied the first coat with a brush and then I polished it with a soft cloth.  I decided to apply a second coat but used a rag this time.Let it set overnight and then polished it.  Now, since it was a desk going in a little girl's room  I decided the top needed a third coat and so it was applied the same way as the second coat.

Vintage, Paint and more... whimsically hand painted decorated desk for a little girl

And here it is - in all it's glory.  I absolutely love it and think it is so adorable the perfect whimsical piece for a little girl.  We are busy working on more pieces for her room as I write this.  So, say tuned - hopefully, I can remember to take more pictures this time

 So, until next time - have fun, do what you love but, most of all enjoy your life.


I will be linking up to the parties listed in the Where I Party page this week.  Please go by and check out all the great inspiration found there

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Road Trip

Good afternoon -

Grab your coffee and a seat and let's chat awhile.
Monday and Tuesday were road trip days for us.
Papa, Miss A and I were up early and off
on our little jaunt.
It was a cool, rainy, windy day -
sort of reminded me of fall....

We got our map and coffee and Miss A got her
paraphernalia  ( and there was a lot)

And we were off.....

Off to meet up with our oldest son S and his family.
They were returning from a cruise to
the Bahamas.
We were picking up our granddaughter Miss S
to come spend some weeks with us.

We arrived at our hotel around 4 pm
( 8 hours on the road)
and Miss A had to head for the pool right away.
Now, it had rained all the way to Atlanta and was rather cool
and breezy
but, she insisted on swimming.
It didn't last long as she got too cool so
she decided to lay in the sun .
While Papa and I had a nice cup of coffee....

S and family soon arrived and what a reunion it was.
We had not been together for a year.
It was great to talk, laugh, and hug the kids.

Big S.....

Mrs. S

Miss S

Mr. B....

We had dinner at Appleby's then back to the hotel ..
The kids tried to swim but it was entirely too chilly so we had
to go in and warm them up in the warm shower.
Then we spent the evening talking and laughing and
having a great time.

The next morning we had breakfast at a Spanish bakery.

And this is what the kids chose for breakfast...

And look at the smile on this face...
I know, I know good grandmas don't give the little ones
cookies and cakes for breakfast.
But, once in a blue moon doesn't hurt
besides it has
eggs, milk, flour, the
major food groups

Besides look at what smiles it brings.
We said our goodbyes as Mr. S had to be
home to go to work the next day and he
had a 10 hour drive ahead of him.

We only had a 7 hour drive
in the pouring rain again.

How wonderful it was to see everyone and Miss S is
here to spend a few weeks now.
It'll be a great few weeks of much fun
especially for Miss A.

                                                                      Lovin my life in Carolina