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Friday, June 15, 2012

Miss Fashionista

Good day folks and how are you all today?
I want to introduce you to our young resident Miss Fashionista.
She loves to pose for the cameras.

Anytime she sees a camera - she strikes a pose...
Sometimes it's really hard to get a "natural" pic
because of her
obsession with posing.
But for today - it's all well.....

She loves colorful, funky outfits as you can see.
We often call her our "Punky Brewster".
If you were young in the 80's
you probably remember her well.

She put this together for a day of school....
I must say it was quite a show stopper......

She loves to dress up like her heroines and adored cartoon characters

Miss Strawberry Shortcake ( red hair and all).

Miss Monkey Fairy Princess
( a character in her imagination).

Miss Ballerina

Remember, Bucky Beaver
"Brusha, brusha, brusha,..."

She does have a serious side -
Brookgreen Gardens tour....

Cool beach days....

Outlet mall shopping attire.....

Site seeing in Charleston on a cool winter day....

Hot summer park touring....

Dolphin cruising....

And then there are here sports outfits
Backyard baseball attire.
Is it a hit???

By the pool....
Rainbow bikini she couldn't wait to get....

and a great night of relays at
Nick at Night.

War paint and all.

Yes, I think we can all attest to the fact
that this young fashionista loves her fashion.

But, even the most aspiring fashionista
needs to take a nap....

Do you have a fashionista in residence at your house. 
Is she your "Punky Brewster"?

Until next time have fun, do what you love and
enjoy your life.....

                                                                                  Lovin' my life in Carolina

1 comment:

  1. I just wrote a long comment here and lost the entire thing! Bummer! And I'm so tired that my eyes have been closing as I've been typing..., so here's the hi-lights.
    "Miss Ballerina" is my favorite pic of Aaly. Her usual carefree 'do' caught up in a ponytail with a ribbon! She looks adorable <3
    My favorite shot, from the aspiring photographer, is "Cool Beach Days". I like the colors; the lazy late summer afternoon feeling (even if it is January!). The lone shadow of Aaly accompanied with the many grasses trailing way off..., and the backdrop of busy commerce.
    Iono, I just really like that shot! Keep up the good work!
    Okay, it may be only 6:30-7:00, but I,m going to go dig down through the crap and find my bed!
    You know I love you, and I know that God's face is smiling on you! I'll catch up.