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Monday, February 24, 2014

DIY Decorative Box Storage

Written by: Cathy Carroll, Vintage, Paint and more...

I love decorative storage boxes.
You know those pretty ones that just make you drool when you see them.
I would need a truckload to get all my stuff organized into them
I just can't see spending that much money on something I can make myself. 
So, I decided to make my own decorative storage boxes.

DIY Decorative Box Storage - Beautiful paper covered boxes trimmed with lace and  chalkboard labels

Since Christmas I have saved every kind of box that has come into this house.
Packing boxes, shoe boxes, boot boxes...
Any box that looked like it could hold a fair amount of "stuff".
Because , quite frankly I have a lot of  "stuff".
Then I went to Dollar Tree and picked up some wrapping paper.
I got a heavy weight brown  paper with a white flower design
a lighter weight light blue paper.
I am using blues and browns throughout the house so they will fit in nicely.
Then I went about covering all those boxes.
I decided my first project would be
organizing all the stuff in the cabinet in our bedroom.

DIY Decorative Box Storage - image of closed cabinet with view of decorative boxes through glass

This is an old pie safe that my father painted and gave to me some time ago.
It is one of my very favorite pieces.
Our TV stands on it 
the inside was housing a lot of CDs, DVDs, books, odds and ends
that were really not pretty to look at.
Since it sits at the foot of our bed 
it is always a visual eyesore.
I decided it was time to change that 
make it pretty.

DIY Decorative Box Storage - view of inside of cabinet showing decorative boxes and vignettes

I didn't take a before picture - trust me it was
totally stuffed with all the above listed items and a few more.
This is the end result though.
Everything nicely organized inside it's own special box.

DIY Decorative Box Storage - image of first shelf of cabinet with large decorative box storage

These boxes are on the first shelf.
They are plain packing boxes we received in the mail.
I covered them with the brown print paper.
Then I used blue and black to make numbered labels on them.
The little white trim is some button hole trim I have had for some time.
These boxes actually hold a ton of CDs, DVDs and books.
I was amazed at what I was able to put in them
all organized and easy to get to.

DIY Decorative Box Storage - image of second shelf of cabinet showing decorative box vignettes

The second shelf has two covered boot boxes on it.
I used the brown print and the plain blue paper to cover them.
Then I embellished them with the button holing.
The labels are blank at this time because I haven't filled these boxes yet.
But, it won't take long for me to find the perfect things to fill them with.

I have loads of books and decided to cover them in the papers 
also .
I wanted to have a coordinated look.
Some of my books were plain white when the jackets were taken off 
so I didn't feel I needed to cover them.
The two dishes are some blue ware that were my Mother's.

DIY Decorative Box Storage - image of third shelf showing decorative boxes and vignettes

The bottom shelf has two boxes also.
One being a boot box and the other being a shoe box.
Both covered as the others.
On the left side I placed a decorative votive candle I set on a candlestick 
some little hearts I made from felt, drop cloth and lace.
On the right side I have another decorative votive candle on a candlestick,
a picture of me when I was 5 placed in a rhinestone frame,
a blue glass bird that was my mothers.

DIY Decorative Box Storage - image of inside of cabinet showing the decorative box storage and vignettes

I am really loving the way this turned out now.
I have lots of covered storage
it is so pretty to look at instead of all that clutter that was in there.

DIY Decorative Box Storage - image of decorative boxes and title icon

I have a few more to cover and will be using them in my closet
craft room.
They are so much prettier to look at than the clutter of all the things
sitting on the shelves.
And, this is such a quick, simple and thrifty makeover.

This is the first of many projects I am planning for our Master Suite 
this year so come back to see what else 
I am going to be doing in there. 
A complete makeover.

Do you have some areas that could use a few decorative boxes?

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Until next time
have fun creating something you love....

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