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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Fabric Rag Wreath Tutorial

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Good morning everyone,
  Last week I shared our Spring Mantel with you and promised I would write the tutorial for the fabric rag wreath featured above it.
So today I thought I would bring you that tutorial so you could make one for yourself if you so choose. 

Vintage, Paint and more... a Spring wreath made from strips of torn fabric tied on a wire wreath form

I think when you finish making yours you will agree with me that this is probably one of the simplest wreaths you can make.  And it can be customized to your home by choosing fabric or fabrics that compliment your decor.

So without further ado let's move on to the tutorial itself.

Vintage, Paint and more... supplies used to make a fabric rag wreath

You will need:
 - a  wire wreath form size of your choosing.I used a 14" one
 - approximately 2 yards of fabric of your choice.
 - a tape measure or ruler 
 - a pair of scissors

Vintage, Paint and more... how to cut fabric to make a fabric rag wreath

  To start you want to make approximately 330 strips of fabric measuring 1"x8".  I did mine by notching my fabric every inch as above for about 66 notches then ....

Vintage, Paint and more... how to tear fabric to make a fabric rag wreath

I just tore the strips across the fabric instead of cutting it.  This gives you the frayed edge that gives the wreath its character.  The first strip you tear will most likely be uneven from being cut at the store but each one after that should be quite even all the way across the fabric. Then cut or tear your long strips into 8" lengths.  I am terrible about counting I just tear and when I run out I tear some more until I am done. 

Vintage, Paint and more... tying first strip on wreath form

Now you want to find a great movie to watch while you do this next part.  Take a strip and place it behind the outer two wires on the wreath ...

Vintage, Paint and more... knotting strips on wreath form

and tie it in a knot like the picture above.

Vintage, Paint and more... placement of second strip for fabric rag wreath

Next take another strip and place behind the two middle wires like above and tie it in a knot like you did the first two wires.

Vintage, Paint and more... placement of third strip on fabric rag wreath

 You can see the middle strip tied here.  Now take a strip and place it behind the inner two wires and tie it in a knot.  

Vintage, Paint and more... fabric placement on wire wreath for of a fabric rag wreath

Now go back to the first two outer wires and tie a strip around them again, then the two middle wires and then the two inner wires. Keep doing this all the way around the wreath until it is filled.  Occasionally push the strips together to make the wreath fuller. The above picture shows the wreath with about 9 strips tied in place.

Vintage, Paint and more... back side view of the fabric rag wreath

This is how the back will look.

Vintage, Paint and more... Finished Spring Fabric Rag Wreath

This is the finished wreath.  It really doesn't take too long to tie all those strips.  I think I watched a couple episodes of Blue Bloods. 

Vintage, Paint and more... back side view of a finished fabric rag wreath

This is how the back looks on the finished wreath.  Very neat - actually reminds me of smocking.

Vintage, Paint and more... Spring Mantel featuring a DIY fabric rag wreath, stenciled French graphic window and fabric flowers in painted peat pots on old books tied with twine

And here's how it looks on our Spring Mantel.
So bright and cheery  - perfect for Spring.

Think you might like to make one for your home?  Would love to hear what color you would choose to do so - tell me about it in the comments below.  

Until next time have fun creating something you enjoy.

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  1. I think I would do mine in white (boring, I know). The back of the wreath is almost as pretty as the front! You should call this your "reversible" wreath!

  2. I still can't get over how pretty this is. I just love the bright yellow. IT really makes the place light up :)

  3. This is so pretty but I sooo would not have the patience to do that. I can cross stitch for hours on end, but asking me to sit and do that and I might cry...haha looks great though!

  4. Beautiful! I love these type of wreaths. Thank you for sharing yours at VMG206 Brag About It

  5. Your wreath is so pretty. Perfect for spring!

  6. You know, I've seen rag wreaths before, but there is something about the sunny yellow you used that just really makes me happy! (may be the snow on the ground on the first day of spring - hah!) I'd love if you'd share this over at Awesome Life Friday! http://rchreviews.blogspot.com

  7. Very pretty! This would be great for a solid color or multiple pastels for spring. A great idea to use up the scraps that are mostly too small to do anything else with, too! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty!

    So Simply Stephanie

  8. Hi there! Stopping by from My Favorite Things Saturday. This is so pretty! I'm going to pin it for later use!

  9. The fabric wreath is awesome. Love the yellow!

  10. You had me at "lover of books and old movies". :D
    Found you at silverpennies party and really like your full of life wreath.

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  12. Great instructions for a lovely wreath! Thanks!

  13. So pretty Cathy!! Thanks for sharing it with us at Work it Wednesday. We are featuring you this morning!

  14. I have made these before Cathy. Although they take a while they really are fun! Love your cheery yellow fabric! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  15. This is so easy but it makes such an impact! I have a smaller wreath form like that in my craft supplies - I'm off to figure out how much fabric I need for a 6 inch.

    Thanks for sharing this with us at the Thank Goodness It's Thursday party, Cathy!

  16. This is going to be the first time for me to make one. So I hope I can do good on this. It looks easy. But it takes time for me to do anything as good as this. But I will try. Cathy this was awesome of on what you made.

  17. Love this wreath! The yellow is awesome....I just bought some fall colored fabric to make a wreath to hang over the mantle for Thanksgiving. Think a Christmas one will be happening as well! Thanks for sharing....I am obsessed already. LOL

  18. I love this wreath! It's so bright and cheery!

  19. Thank you so very much for your tutorial. I have searched Pinterest many, many times and your tutorial is exactly what I have been looking for. We have 2 double front doors and if I am going to take the time to make 2 your tutorial is exactly what I need. I like your comment about watching Blue Bloods. I'm afraid I couldn't do that. I would forget about tying the fabric because I couldn't take my eyes off of the screen.
    Tom Selleck - be still my heart!! From Magnum, Blue Bloods and Jesse Stone he gets better and more handsome each year!

  20. You write very well, am amazed with your blogging, you will definitely achieve success..!! Keep it up

  21. Oh, how I love this! This will be my first time making one. My daughter is moving into a new home and her and her husbands name begins with an M. she stated that she would like to find something that said M and M on it and I thought I would purchase some M & M fabric and some wooden craft letters and make it an M & M wreath. I can't wait to do it! Thanks so much for your instructions!!!

  22. Thank you for such easy to follow instructions! I'm recycling old jeans into a wreath now :-)