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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Road Trip

Good afternoon -

Grab your coffee and a seat and let's chat awhile.
Monday and Tuesday were road trip days for us.
Papa, Miss A and I were up early and off
on our little jaunt.
It was a cool, rainy, windy day -
sort of reminded me of fall....

We got our map and coffee and Miss A got her
paraphernalia  ( and there was a lot)

And we were off.....

Off to meet up with our oldest son S and his family.
They were returning from a cruise to
the Bahamas.
We were picking up our granddaughter Miss S
to come spend some weeks with us.

We arrived at our hotel around 4 pm
( 8 hours on the road)
and Miss A had to head for the pool right away.
Now, it had rained all the way to Atlanta and was rather cool
and breezy
but, she insisted on swimming.
It didn't last long as she got too cool so
she decided to lay in the sun .
While Papa and I had a nice cup of coffee....

S and family soon arrived and what a reunion it was.
We had not been together for a year.
It was great to talk, laugh, and hug the kids.

Big S.....

Mrs. S

Miss S

Mr. B....

We had dinner at Appleby's then back to the hotel ..
The kids tried to swim but it was entirely too chilly so we had
to go in and warm them up in the warm shower.
Then we spent the evening talking and laughing and
having a great time.

The next morning we had breakfast at a Spanish bakery.

And this is what the kids chose for breakfast...

And look at the smile on this face...
I know, I know good grandmas don't give the little ones
cookies and cakes for breakfast.
But, once in a blue moon doesn't hurt
besides it has
eggs, milk, flour, the
major food groups

Besides look at what smiles it brings.
We said our goodbyes as Mr. S had to be
home to go to work the next day and he
had a 10 hour drive ahead of him.

We only had a 7 hour drive
in the pouring rain again.

How wonderful it was to see everyone and Miss S is
here to spend a few weeks now.
It'll be a great few weeks of much fun
especially for Miss A.

                                                                      Lovin my life in Carolina

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