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Thursday, January 23, 2014

How to Stencil a Plate

Written by: Cathy Carroll

I am taking advantage of this latest winter blast 
getting a few projects done.
I know, you are probably asking what winter blast - 
you live on the Southern East Coast.
Well, for us it has been cold.
We have been seeing temps in the 20's and 30's
which are quite cold when those damp sea breezes start blowing.
I have to say I am glad we are not in the temps 
with all the snow some of you are seeing.

Anyway lets get on to the project for the day:

How to Stencil a Plate - Dollar Tree plate stenciled with black sharpie marker

I have been wanting to stencil a plate for a while now
and I decided there is no better time than now.
What do you think?
I love it.

finished plate displayed with candle and flowers

It turned out even better than I had hoped
it was so simple to do.
I am thinking there may be more to come - it was that easy.

The items needed to do the project

You will need : 
a plate
a stencil of your choice
( I got mine at Hobby Lobby for $1.99 - sometime ago)
an alcohol swab or alcohol and a cotton ball
a paint pen of color choice
( I used a black Sharpie paint pen I had lying around)
some tape
( I used scotch tape- it was closest to me )
a few q-tips (for cleaning up any mistakes)

A plate and stencil

First I cleaned the plate with alcohol.
Just a good wiping is all that's necessary to remove any oils or residue.
Then tape your stencil down in the desired position.
I basically centered the bird on the limb in the center of the plate.
(See that little black dot on the birds body - that was my center marker)

A plate and stencil showing the stenciling process

Now just start filling in the areas you want to be on your plate.
I first outlined the areas, then filled them in.
Do not press on your pen so hard  that a lot of paint comes out of it.
It takes very little and if you use a lot it will puddle under your stencil.
Ask me how I know....
Thus the need for Q-tips and alcohol....

The bird stencil completed on the plate

When you have filled in all the desired areas 
remove the stencil and tape.
Now I did have a few lines that I felt needed to be straightened a little.
So I went over some of them with the pen.

the completed bird stencil on the plate

After looking at it I felt it was just a little plain 
needed a border of some kind.
This took me forever to decide on what I wanted.
I tried a few that just were not to my satisfaction.
I just removed them with some alcohol and a cotton ball - 
very simple at this stage.
Easy, peasy....

adding some leaves to the plate

I finally decided on this design.
I think its a cross between a leaf and a lily - I don't know 
I really liked how it looked when I did it.
I started by stenciling the emblem at the 12, 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions.
Then I went back and centered one between each one of these.
When those were done I free-handed some wavy lines
between each emblem.

right facing display of completed plate with a candle and jar of flowers

Here it is all finished.
 When you are done you need to do a couple more steps to make it last.
I let it set overnight to dry completely -
even though it is dry to the touch within a couple of minutes.
Then I placed it in a cold oven 
 turned the oven to 425 degrees.
I baked it for 30 minutes
then let it cool in the oven.
I actually left it in there a good 6 hours.
When you bake it - it supposedly melts the glaze so the paint
can mingle with it and become permanent.
I don't really know what the process is just that it needs to be done.
I don't know if it is going to be dishwasher safe or not.
I plan on washing mine by hand if need be - it is simply for display only.
I am not sure about using them for food either as the paint is not food safe.
However I do want to make more -
mugs, glasses, platters.....
I can see this getting out of hand.
I love to paint 
this was such a simple, fun and relaxing process for me.

left facing display of plate with candle and jar of flowers

Here's another look - I love it.
What are you working on during all this cold weather?
Think some painting of  "china" is in your future?

NOTE: This plate or any other painted with Sharpie or paint markers are intended strictly for decorative use and not meant to be used to hold any food  for consumption.

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Until next time
have fun creating something you love....

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