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Friday, August 24, 2018

How to Make a Reverse Canvas

 We are in full wedding mode over here right now.  My granddaughter's wedding is only 6 weeks away and things are getting a little hectic.  But, today I had to take a bit of a break from lace and flowers and all things wedding and do a bit of Fall.  Usually, by now I have our home all decked out in its Fall regalia but, this year it hasn't happened yet.  Hopefully, next week I will be pretty much done with the wedding and can put up some Fall.  So, I decided to make a little Fall sign on a reverse canvas today.

Vintage Paint and more... making Fall decor using an artist canvas and Chalk Couture transfers and chalk paste

I love the reverse canvas method of making signs and art for our home.  It is so easy and actually inexpensive to do.  I have had several requests to show how to do this method so I put together a tutorial.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice Sign

This year is just flying by for me.  It seems like only yesterday I was attending my oldest granddaughter's wedding (which was in June) and today Miss A is picking up her schedule to start back to school next week.  Where have the days gone?  It's still hot and summer is still in full swing but Fall is definitely just around the corner.  So, I have been working on a bit of Fall decor.  Today I thought I would share this cute chalk paste sign I made to celebrate the coming of Fall.

Vintage Paint and more... a vintage farmhouse Fall sign made with Chalk Couture chalk paste and transfer on a wood framed chalkboard

Hands down, Pumpkin Spice is my favorite Fall flavor and scent.  I just can't seem to get enough of it as, I'm sure many of you are the same.  There is just nothing better than the fresh aroma of pumpkin spice coffee outside on a cool afternoon, in my book.  And the wonderful aroma of those scented candles in my home is the bomb - smells like I have been baking all day, lol... So it was kind of a given that I would be making this cute transfer from Chalk Couture.  How could I not?  I love it!!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Kitchen Table and Chairs Makeover

Hi everyone.  I have a furniture makeover for you today that I love. It's a kitchen table and chairs that went from "Oh, my!" to "Oh, how pretty!"

Vintage Paint and more... an awesome makeover done to a thrift store table and chairs with just some black chalkboard paint and some black and cream buffalo plaid fabric

When we moved into this home we needed to purchase another table and chairs set.  We have always lived in homes that have galley kitchens - no space to eat in.  Therefore, we always ate in our dining rooms.  But, this house has an eat-in area in the kitchen that required a table and chairs we did not have.  So began our search for the perfect set.  And, of course, we found the perfect one in a thrift store.

Vintage Paint and more... a thrift store table and chairs find made to look new with Rustoleum's black chalkboard paint, a new top and a bit of fabric from Hobby Lobby

Doesn't look like much, does it?  We fell in love with it.  It's probably an old patio set that had a glass top at one time.  It's made of steel and the seats are some kind of "faux" leather that was peeling.  The backs of the chairs had a gold design that looked a bit dated.

Vintage Paint and more... thrift store table and chairs upcycled with black chalk paint and fabric for a new look

You can see they were in a bit of a mess and needed a lot of TLC.

Vintage Paint and more... a thrift store chair find before makeover picture

This is a close-up of the chair seats and the gold design on the backs.  I thought they were going to be perfect for my vintage industrial look I was going for in the kitchen.  So I set about getting them into shape.

Vintage Paint and more... Making over a thrift store table and chairs with black chalk paint and fabric

Todd made a wood top for the table first.  However, he did not attach it at this time.  It actually had to wait while I worked on the table and chairs.  First I painted all the metal with my trusty black chalkboard paint.  This is my go-to paint for everything.  I love the finish I get from it a true mat black with a lot of depth.  The only prep I did was to wash them good with soap and water.  It took 3 coats of paint to cover them well.  

Vintage Paint and more... Thrift store chair after being painted with black chalk paint and upholstering seat with black and cream buffalo plaid fabric

This is one of the chairs after being painted and the seat covered.  I found the fabric at Hobby Lobby and used my 40% off coupon on it.  It only took 1 yard to do all four chairs.  I love how the plaid just makes this chair pop.

Vintage Paint and more... DIY wood table top stained for a thrift store kitchen table

Now the wood top became a real problem for me.  I stained it with some dark stain we had on hand and absolutely hated the outcome.  I was really afraid I was going to have to paint it because it looked so bad.  So I went over it with a gray stain to try to get to what I wanted - which I can't even explain.  Well, that wasn't really what I wanted either.  So, Todd got busy and mixed some stains and played around with it and finally came up with what we have.  I really like the top now.  It's fairly dark which I felt this set needed to go with the black base.  After we finally got the color we wanted I gave it 4 coats of Minwax Polycrylic Protective Sealer.  I used 4 coats just to be sure it was protected as we were going to be using this table a lot.

Vintage Paint and more... thrift store table and chairs after being upcycled with black chalk paint and some black and cream buffalo plaid fabric

I love this table and chairs now and it really makes this corner so cozy.  We use it all the time - so much easier than taking everything into the dining room for our meals.

Vintage Paint and more... Thrift store table and chairs upcycle with black chalk paint and black and cream buffalo plaid for an eat in vintage industrial kitchen

This has become my favorite corner of our home now.  I love sitting here and having my morning coffee and working on my computer.  And, I love having an eat-in kitchen for the first time in our lives.  Such a convenient place for our small family meals. 

Vintage Paint and more... a thrift store table and chairs are made over with some black chalk paint and black and cream buffalo plaid fabric

What do you think?  Is there a makeover in your future?  Tell me about it in the comments below.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

DIY Coffee Mugs with Couture Ink

I love coffee.  I mean it is my go-to beverage any time of day morning - noon - or night.  And I love to have cute little coffee mugs to drink it from - they just make it so much more special.  So when I saw the transfers that Chalk Couture had I knew I had to turn some of them into pretty little mugs for my morning coffee time.  They are so cute and so easy to make.  Check them out.

Vintage Paint and more... dollar tree coffee mugs upcycled with chalk couture transfers and ink for a cute little coffee bar

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Flip-Flops Sign with Chalk Paste

Have you ever found something that you thought was so amazing that you just had to tell all your family and friends about it? You know - that great new pizza place that has the perfect pizza you've been looking for all your life, or that amazing mattress you just got and you are finally getting a great night's sleep, or maybe that cute pair of shoes you found that is ah-ma-zing.  We all have at least one something like that. Right? Well, I have found one of those things I want to share with y'all today.  

This is the most amazing, fun, and addictive craft product I have used in a long time and is at the top of my favorites list right next to paint.   

Vintage Paint and more... a cute little Target sign used to make a chalk sign with Chalk Couture

As most of you all know I am in love with paint. It's my go-to craft product for almost every project - anything can be transformed with a bit of paint be it a thrift store find, upcycled product, trash recycle or changing a brand new item. It's my way of putting my "stamp" on a project.  But, I tell you I may soon be replacing it with Chalk Couture's Chalk Paste. This stuff is amazing and easy to use and fun and addictive and... I could go on forever. That's just how much I love it. 
Vintage Paint and more... Chalk Couture's chalk pastes

                                       CHALK COUTURE CHALK PASTE

I love to make signs of all types and especially chalkboard signs.  But, I also like to put quotes and images on my thrift store finds, Dollar Store finds, pillows, all sorts of things.  However, it's not always an easy process - you have to make or find an image, trace or stencil it onto the project, then spend hours painting the image.  Sometimes this process can be quite tedious and takes hours or even days to do. But, I loved the finished product.  Then enters chalk paste - what a difference this has made in my world.
Instead of taking hours or days to do a project it takes me minutes to complete the most awesome perfect signs that look like a pro made them. 
Did I tell you how much I love this stuff?
 I mean where have you been all my life?!

Let me show you why I fell in love with this product.

Vintage Paint and more... placing a Chalk Couture on a Target board to make a sign

First of all, Chalk Couture is a system of transfers, chalk pastes and inks that allow you to create masterpieces for your home, as gifts, or to sell in your shops in minutes.  In the above picture, I am placing the "Live Life in Flip Flops" transfer on a cute little chalkboard I found at the Target Dollar Spot. 

Vintage Paint and more... applying Chalk Couture's white Chalkology paste to a transfer to make a chalkboard sign

Then I just applied some white chalk paste with a squeegee to the words "Live Life in".

Vintage Paint and more... applying Chalk Couture's aquamarine chalk paste to a transfer to make a chalkboard sign

To add interest I then applied some aquamarine paste to the words "flip flops"

Vintage Paint and more... reveal of chalkboard after removing the chalk transfer

I immediately removed the transfer and 
check out how perfect the words turned out and how cute it is already.

Vintage Paint and more... adding some flip flop embellishments to a summer sign with  Chalk Couture's transfers

But, I wasn't finished yet.  I decided to add a few flip-flop transfers to the board for some cute embellishments.  

Vintage Paint and more... finished flip flop sign done with a Target board and Chalk Couture transfer and chalk pastes

And, 10 minutes from the start I had this completed and very cute summer board to display.  This would have taken me at least a full afternoon to complete with paint. And, the best part is when summer is over I can easily reuse this board by cleaning it with a bit of water and a paper towel. It will be a clean new slate and ready for a new quote.  So quick, so easy, so cute and so addictive.

Below I am sharing a video with you to show you just how quick and easy this chalk paste is to use.

Vintage Paint and more... video showing how to make a summer sign with a Target board and Chalk Couture's transfers and chalk pastes

Now you can see why I have fallen in love with this new product.  I know I will definitely be using it for the majority of my projects now as it can be used on most any surface.  I will continue to be a paint fanatic but it's going to have to move aside and make room for this awesome chalk paste.  

And, for those "crafties" like me, Chalk Couture has 31 colors of chalk paste to choose from and so many different fun transfers in 5 different sizes - many with multiple images on each individual transfer.  They also have 20 colors of ink that can be used on glass, fabric, mirror - anything that can be heat set to make a permanent image.  Then there are all their amazing surfaces to use but, you are not limited to them alone - use things around your house, thrift store finds, Dollar store finds - whatever your heart desires - that's the beauty of it - you are not limited to one thing. That's why I love it so much - that and the fact that it's so easy.
You can check out all their amazing products at Chalk Couture shop

If you have any questions about Chalk Couture or would like to find out how to get a sample to try please email me at: 

Until next time have a great time crafting something you love,


I will be linking this post to the parties listed on the Where I Party page.  Please be sure to go by and check out all the great projects and inspiration found at each one.

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