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Saturday, June 23, 2012

I Love Thrift Stores

Good afternoon y'all.
     I have a few things to share with you that I got on my thrift store route the other day.

I love to go to thrift stores and real flea markets.
It is one of my absolute all time favorite pastimes and in this area
there is an abundance of thrift stores.

Every week on Wednesday or Sunday we head out to the local
thrift stores to see what great bargains
we can find.

Even Miss A gets in on the hunt.
You never know what treasure she is going to come up with.

This last week we hit on several bargains...

Lovin' this totally awesome vanity for
Miss A's room.
She's already informed us that it will be a "sweet pink"
and no other colors.
I think she may be right on that choice.

And this baby is just the answer to our no closet loft.
Wait till you see the after picture...
I am doing it in some really funky colors
as the loft is a guest room/media room
for all our grandchildren.

And check this stuff out....
A bentwood chair for $3.99 - my steal of the day.
A retro table for our funky loft.
A little desk lamp to sit on Miss A's vanity
a hatbox for her to store things in.

Check out this little table
it is so retro and so cute.
But, wait till you see it's makeover
funky and happy....

Well, that's it for this trip.
I think we did really good on our finds.
Exactly the pieces we needed
a lot of fun time ahead repurposing and refinishing.

What have you found lately - somethiing so cool
you couldn't pass it up?

Have a great week, do something you love and enjoy your life.

                                                                             I am lovin' my life in Carolina

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