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Monday, June 18, 2012

Flower Table

Good day everyone,
Check out what I just finished. The cutest little flower table for Miss A's room.

Vintage, Paint and more... - painted table, table painted to look like flower, little flower table

Isn't it adorable?   I love it.  This project was much easier than it looks.

Vintage, Paint and more... prepping wood for painting

I only have one before picture which is actually in the middle of it's makeover.  As you can see this is one of those little tables you can buy in some department stores that has to be put together.  Most people just cover them with a pretty table cloth and wallah-  instant table decor.

I wanted something else for a nightstand for her room.  And, it just "screamed" flower to me.  As you can see, I gave all the pieces two coats of primer with Zinsser water base primer.  Then I sanded it a little.

On the round portion I drew 5 petals and a center.  I then painted the flower with craft paint.  A little shading and highlighting and you have a pretty good depiction of a little flower.

Vintage, Paint and more... painted table, table painted to look like flower, flower painted table

Then I moved on to the base of the table.  It is actually two pieces that you put together. I proceeded to draw leaves on it and then painted it with craft paint also. This was quite easy because I just had to follow the natural curves of the base..

Vintage, Paint and more... table painted to look like flower, how to paint a flower table

This is a top view of it when it was finished. I love it  - it is so cute and fits in with her decor.

Vintage, Paint and more... painted table to look like a flower, little girls flower table, round table painted as a flower

And another piece finished for Miss A's room. We will eventually get it all together and show the finished room soon.

Vintage, Paint and more... round table painted like a flower

What do you think?  Perfect for a little girl's room?

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Until next time - create something you love...

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  1. I've been reading your blogs, and feeling too rushed to take the time to say anything..., sorry!
    These last two pieces are so cute! When I saw the desk, and now the flower table, my memory started telling me that this is reward from those tole painting classes you took.... so long ago. You were a natural then and still are <3
    Seems like all us Camerer kids came out strong in the mechanical and artistic talents of life. And it shows! No matter what we each do, it always requires a mechanical('how does this fit together right'), and a artistic( 'let me put some of my inspired thoughts into this work'), mind!
    Love the work you're doing..., it has to be fun doing these things in a new, clean and semi empty setting that needs the touch of a Camerer at work!

  2. Thanks, sis. I am so enjoying finally being able to do what I love to do. I have quite a few more pieces that I have finished and T is getting in on the party - doing some things himself. He is really doing some nice work. Keep posted - I think you'll love some of the ones I will be posting in the future.....

  3. Nice job. I have a couple of these tables and would like to do something like this with them. Do you have the sizes you cut the bottoms or where I may find the bottoms? Thanks for posting.