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Monday, June 25, 2012

Miss A's Vanity

     Good morning everyone.  
There's nothing like a sweet little vanity for a sweet little girl.   And even sweeter, one done in pink - fit for a princess.
Vintage, Paint and more.. pink chalk painted vintage vanity for little girls room

Here she is - so sweet...  But, not easy to get her here....

Vintage, Paint and more.. before of vintage vanity with wood damage

This is how she looked when we brought her home.  ( I have already taken the drawers out in this pic)  As you can see she had some scrapes, scuffs and water marks....

Vintage, Paint and more... water marks, scuffs and damage on vintage vanity

Especially on the top.  But, I thought no problem some primer and paint and she will be good as new.
Right?  Weeellllll,
Vintage, Paint and more... vanity with primer painted on

Two coats of Zinsser primer later and this is what  I saw...

Vintage, Paint and more... pink dot bleed through after paint and primer

Little red dots all over it.  I was beside myself as I thought someone had spilled something in the garage next to it.  But when I got to checking it over - they were all over it - and not in a splash pattern.  ( I had vacuumed and washed this puppy good before starting) So back to the drawing board. T suggested using Kilz primer as it covers everything. Back to the hardware store.

Vintage, Paint and more... pink dot bleed through with primer

And after two coats of Kilz on a small area this is what I had.  A mess..... Papa volunteered to strip it and sand it back down so we could start all over. ( I think he was feeling my pain)

But, I had been reading about chalk paint being used by all the DIY bloggers I follow.  I was quite curious about it. I researched it and everyone was praising it's abilities to be a miracle worker when refinishing furniture.  No sanding, no prepping, covers like a dream and leaves that "vintagy" feel everyone is looking for these days. Chalk Paint is quite expensive - I mean mega $$$$$ expensive. I had read some posts where a few bloggers were making their own again, I researched it and found a great, simple recipe for it.  I decided I had to try it on this piece as how could it get worse? (I was already looking at stripping and sanding it over.)
So I mixed up this new concoction and whallah... it covered all those little red spots right up.  Narry a one was visible.  And on top of that it was the nicest paint to work with it.  Went on easy and smooth and I absolutely loved it.
Vintage, Paint and more... chalk painted pink vanity for little girls room

This is after a very light sanding with a fine grit (180 or greater) sandpaper and two coats of Johnson's Minwax. (The color is Valspar's Pink Mist)

Vintage, Paint and more... chalk painted vintage vanity for little girls room

I am so loving the way it turned out and believe me I had a couple sleepless nights thinking it was a total mess and worrying about how I was going to fix it.  I love the finish on it.

Vintage, Paint and more... drawer decoupaged with wrapping paper

I lined the drawers with a really cute pink wrapping paper with sparkly white hearts on it that I found at Target.  I decoupaged it inside both drawers so now they are washable and fairly safe from the wear and tear of normal 6 year old use.

Vintage, Paint and more... vintage glass knobs for a vintage vanity

We had to really look for knobs that were perfect for it.  I knew I wanted glass knobs but not the usual ones. We found these at World Market. I think they are perfect for it.

Vintage, Paint and more... feathered bird perched on a little girls vanity

And, of course, what little princess's vanity doesn't have a beautiful, white, feathery bird perched on it?

Vintage, Paint and more... chalk painted pink vintage vanity for a little girls room

 Here she is all ready for the little princess that lives in this room. She is thrilled with it.

What do you think - perfect for a princess? 
Have you had a project go terribly wrong and then were able to salvage it in the end?

Until next time - have fun creating something you love.



  1. This is awesome. You did a great job!

  2. That is adorable!! I wonder what those spots were? That's crazy!