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Saturday, January 30, 2021


Hello, Hello, Hello!!!
Wow: It has been a long time since I've written a blog post.  The holidays are over and it's a new year so I thought it was time to revisit this abandoned bit of internet space and reconnect with my friends.  I hate that I lost touch with you all.  
Last year was a crazy year - I'm sure you all will agree and I'm hoping to return to some normalcy this year if possible thus - a return to writing and sharing all things vintage, crafty and fun.  
So, today I thought I would start with a really easy, fun, and cute little vintage heart that you can use for your tiered trays, holiday trees, baskets, or just sit on your shelves for some cuteness. 
These are easy to do and you can have a whole basket of them done in no time - and... the best part is you can use things you probably have lying around the house.

These are so cute and so much fun to make - and, you can use all sorts of fabrics, laces, trims, and embellishments to make them your own.  
The video tutorial to make these can be found here:  Vintage Puff Hearts

If you're not presently following me on FaceBook - you may want to check my page out.  I do a FaceBook live every night at 4 pm making simple crafts that you can also make for your own use.

My FaceBook page is:  Vintage Paint and more

I'm so glad you're here and hope we can get reacquainted this year sharing lots of fun crafts and ideas. 

Hope you have a wonderful week creating all the things you love.


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