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Thursday, June 26, 2014

TBT - July 4th Mantel

Since I decided to not to do a Patriotic vignette on my mantel this year and July 4th is just around the corner; I thought I would bring a couple of pictures from last year's mantel back to share with you.  The pictures are dark because it had been raining for days and our living room is quite dark - almost like a cave, it seems.  

Vintage, Paint and more... book page wreath, patriotic mantel, americana decor made from papercrafting, vintage 4th of July mantel

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beach Inspired Porch

Written by: Cathy Carroll for Vintage, Paint and more...

I am a bit slow about putting up this post on our summer porch - but, it has been raining and was really quite difficult to get any kind of pictures taken.  We had a couple of bad storms that actually caused a small water leak in our roof that is having to be repaired today - hopefully, before the predicted storms take place.  But, enough with that - let's get on to the subject at hand.  Our summer porch....

Vintage, Paint and more... Lots of hand crafted beach inspired decor for a porch

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Organizing With Jars

Good morning everyone...
I would imagine all of you are in the midst of your summer activities by now...
We are definitely on a summer schedule here - 
sleeping in late, no real meal schedules, lots of pool and beach time.....
lots of activities.
This week little Miss A went off to her first ever week of camp.

Vintage, Paint and more... Miss A going off to camp

As you can see, she was all smiles and quite excited...
we were the ones having the qualms and sniffles.
Thank goodness it's only a week 
I remember my days at camp as a child 
  I am sure she will have all kinds of stories to tell us when she does get back.
Can't wait to hear them.

So, on to today's project....

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Shell Art

Today I am going to share the art that  is 
hanging on the wall above my mantel.

Vintage, Paint and more... beach decor, shim craft, shell craft

This is a knockoff of a piece of art I saw at Ace Hardware 
a couple weeks ago.
It was made with painted bead board 
they had done some other wood and beach decor items on it.

I loved it so much I wanted to make one like it.
But, I didn't want to buy bead board and I needed to use
what I had on hand.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Guest Posting at Diana Rambles

Today you will find me over at 
doing a tutorial on my 
Anthropology Inspired Girl's Bedspread
so she can go on vacation.
Hope you're have a great time Diana.....

Vintage, Paint and more... - anthropology inspired ruffled bedspread, anthropology inspired girls bedspread, diy ruffled bedspread

This is a really cute bedspread I made my granddaughter when 
we were updating her room.
She is such a girly girl and what better to show that than ruffles.

So hop on over to Diane's and 
check out that very simple tutorial to make your own....
I'll be back tomorrow with something great to share....

Until then, have fun creating something you love.....

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Beach Inspired Mantel

Summer is in full swing now....
and with that brings us thoughts of beaches and the ocean.
Living here at the beach really influences the way I do my decorating.        
This year I wavered between doing a 
full out patriotic decor or just skipping it 
going straight to my beach decor I love.

Vintage, Paint and more... burlap wreath, faux pallet board background, mod podge vases

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Painted Flower Table

Today I am pulling out an oldie that I love.
Every once in a while I go way outside the box 
do something completely different for me.
We had this little run of the mill - everyone has had one - table
that needed something done to it.
I was in the middle of remaking Miss A's very pink bedroom
I decided to paint it to look like a flower.....

Vintage, Paint and more... - painted table, flower table, altered art table

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My New Creative Space

I am a person who loves to create
as most people who create - I need a special space to do this in.
I had a very lovely space for just this until 
we had to move things around for our ever changing family needs.
So, I had to come up with an alternative solution 
to fit my needs.
As every corner of this house is pretty much taken, I chiseled out some space
in our master bedroom.

Vintage, Paint and more... vintage craft space, recycled farmers table, vintage bentwood chair, recycled decorative storage