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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Beach Inspired Mantel

Summer is in full swing now....
and with that brings us thoughts of beaches and the ocean.
Living here at the beach really influences the way I do my decorating.        
This year I wavered between doing a 
full out patriotic decor or just skipping it 
going straight to my beach decor I love.

Vintage, Paint and more... burlap wreath, faux pallet board background, mod podge vases

The beach decor won out.
Last year I put up the patriotic mantel and got so tired of 
having it up for 
Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor Day.
That was 3 months of red, white and blue in an all beach blue, white and sand colored home.
Way too much for way too long.
So this year I am skipping it completely
and going to straight to the beach for my mantel.

Vintage, Paint and more... using boards as a faux backdrop, burlap wreath, using shims for wall art

If you follow me - you know that we placed this faux pallet board background
on the wall above the mantel in January.
I love it - it gives me the rustic, weathered backdrop that I wanted for my mantel vignettes.
For the summer I changed out the resident book page wreath
for this white burlap wreath I made a couple years ago.
I love the texture that it gives this whole vignette.

Vintage, Paint and more... using shims as wall art, seashell wall art, mod podge vases

Right below the wreath I placed a new piece of art
I just finished.
This is a shim art project I will be telling you about later this week.
I saw something similar to this at Ace hardware and this is my play on it.
On the mantel itself I placed 
a white ceramic shell lying on its side,
two blue candle holders I picked up at Target on clearance last fall
Actually, I had everything here already - 
I only had to make the art.

Vintage, Paint and more... making are from seashells and shims

This is a closer look at the beach art I did... I love it...
It looks so rustic and weathered like its 
been at the beach for awhile....

Vintage, Paint and more... burlap wreath, seashells and wood art, mod podge vases

I like the simplicity of this mantel
it gives us the "beachy" feel I am going for
along with plenty of texture.
It blends so well with the rest of the living room...

Vintage, Paint and more... seashells, burlap and wood to make a beach inspired decor

Have you put your summer decor out 
are you going with a patriotic theme right now?
Tell us about it in the comments below.
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Until next time - create something you love.....

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