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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My New Creative Space

I am a person who loves to create
as most people who create - I need a special space to do this in.
I had a very lovely space for just this until 
we had to move things around for our ever changing family needs.
So, I had to come up with an alternative solution 
to fit my needs.
As every corner of this house is pretty much taken, I chiseled out some space
in our master bedroom.

Vintage, Paint and more... vintage craft space, recycled farmers table, vintage bentwood chair, recycled decorative storage

I tried to make sure it blended in well with the decor of the room 
was not really obvious that it was a creative space 
versus a small office area.
I have tried to disguise and/or hidden most of my supplies in pieces
that are as unobtrusive as possible.
I didn't want an "in your face" craft/office area.
I think I have been able to keep with the ambiance of the room.

Vintage, Paint and more... vintage craft area, painted white furniture, creative organization, recycled organization

This is my new creative space.
Almost everything in this little corner is thrifted, recycled and/or repurposed.
I really don't like a traditional desk - they are so big and cumbersome
I bought this farmer's table at a thrift shop for $25.
It only needed a good cleaning and was ready to use.
I love it because it has so much room to work on - unlike a lot of desks I have seen.
The chair was purchased at a thrift store for $5.
I told about her makeover here.

Vintage, Paint and more... recycled bulletin board, twine wrapped lamp, stenciled lampshade, book page noteholder, jar organization, recycled tin cans, painted tin cans

Above the desk is a bulletin board I purchased at Good Will
and repurposed.
I will be writing the tutorial on that soon.
My desk has several repurposed items on it  that I use daily.
the recycled jar organization that I will be posting soon.
That's a lot of trash that got recycled at our house!
(everyone here knows to ask before they throw anything away)

Vintage, Paint and more... vintage craft space, white painted furniture, bentwood chair, creative storage

This small cabinet is great for hiding all that stuff you don't want visible
creates a tremendous amount of storage for it,
while blending into the decor of the room.
The cubby holes also create a lot of open storage for 
 items that are more decorative.
We bought these pieces new and unfinished several years ago.
I had painted them white then 
have since added the blue panels in the cabinet.
You really can't see it but the backs of the cubby shelves are also painted blue.

Vintage, Paint and more... decorative box storage, paper covered boxes, covered boxes, recycled cell phone storage

The cubbies hold more decorative storage boxes, books
On top of this unit is an old cell phone charger unit I recycled
into a notecard holder.

Vintage, Paint and more... recycled ribbon storage, scrapbook paper storage,

This cubby unit has my ribbon storage unit I made
from a recycled canister set.
It also has a pretty little basket that holds 
all of my small pads of scrapbook paper.

Vintage, Paint and more... craft space, vintage craft space, painted furniture

This area is very peaceful and I really enjoy working here
being surrounded by things that inspire me,
colors that are peaceful, and lots of bright light from our big window.

Vintage, Paint and more... craft area with thrifted furniture, vintage craft room, white furniture, painted furniture

This is one more area of our bedroom that is now done.
You can check out some of the other posts that tell about this makeover....

I am getting close to being done -  just a few more projects 
this very long process will be completed 
I will be one very. happy. camper!

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Do you have a dedicated creative space?
I would love to hear about it in the comments below.
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Until next time,
create something you enjoy....

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Vintage Paint and more... craft space furnished with thrifted and upcycled items


  1. Your creative space looks great! I like the tall cabinet! Our creative space is really never quite so clean, no matter how much we organize.

  2. I just redid some of my creative working area, and I must say your space looks lovely! Good job. It's so hard to organize creative supplies. So many little things!

  3. Looks beautiful {and I'm a bit jealous} I can't wait till I have a space of my own. Right now my stuff is in the basement. It's furnished down there, but still dark and blah. Great job on your room!

  4. Everything looks great Cathy! I wish I had a beautiful space like yours!

  5. Lovely! My craft room is in an upstairs bedroom, and it never gets used. I always end up trugging things up + down the stairs, and there's a perpetual mess on my dining room table! It makes no sense!

  6. Such a wonderfully inspiring place to be creative! It is beautiful. :)