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Monday, October 16, 2017

Easy Lacy Vintage Pumpkins

Can you believe it's the middle of October already?  It seems like time is flying by so fast.  Soon it will be time to start decorating for the holidays. While many of you are enjoying fun Fall activities such as hayrides, pumpkin farms and corn mazes we are still having summer temps and Miss A and her friends spent yesterday at the pool.  But, the weatherman promises we will have some fall temps in the next couple of days.  I can hardly wait.  Well, so much for the weather let's get on with today's project.  

Vintage, Paint and more... vintage pumpkins made by gluing buttonhole trim around a small dollar store pumpkin

Aren't these little guys the cutest?  My sister owns a fabric store and every once in a while she sends me some sort of cool item along with a challenge to see if I can come up with an idea using whatever she has sent.  So this time it's buttonhole trim.  I'm sure you've seen it - on the backs of wedding gowns and prom dresses.  It's the loops that are used to button all those tiny little satin covered buttons on those beautiful long backs. I've used it before - you can see those projects here and hereSo for fall, I decided to wrap this trim around a little dollar store pumpkin.  I think they turned out really cute and it takes such a short time to make one that you can have a whole patch made in an afternoon. 

Monday, October 2, 2017

Fall Reading LIst 2017

It's been a long time coming but after a very busy and chaotic summer, I am finally going to be able to start reading again.  And, with the temps finally feeling like fall I can cuddle up on the sofa with one of my cozy afghans with an awesome cup of coffee and bury myself in a great book.  My favorite thing to do on a fall afternoon.  
Vintage, Paint and more... a list of great books to read this fall

I know that many of you also love to read great books so I thought I would put together my Fall reading list I am working on right now.  I have put a link under each one so you can easily find them on Amazon and enjoy them also.  (Oh, and just in case you like the afghan above you can read about it here. )

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Simple Fall Decor in the Kitchen

I love decorating for the seasons and Fall is my absolute favorite.  But, what I do not like is taking down each season's decor and changing it out. Way too much work for this gal. So, I have decided it's time to keep it simple.  No more changing out all the tchotchkes and baubles to herald the new season in.  I have a basic main decor for each room and just simply add a few things to it to make the season known - for fall it's simply lots of pumpkins and faux foliage.  These can be easily added to your decor in an afternoon without too much fuss.  Let me show you how I made just a few small changes to my kitchen shelves to make them fall ready.

Vintage, Paint and more... using simple touched to change your decor each season

Friday, September 22, 2017

One Amazing Dress

Today I want to share something really fun with you.  A few mornings ago as I was nursing my morning cup of coffee trying to clear my usual morning brain fog perusing Facebook when I scrolled upon a picture that gave me one of those mouth-dropping, eye-popping, "Oh My Word" moments.  I have to say I was totally amazed.  This is the picture I saw.....

It's Sew Sandi

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Easy Twine Wrapped Acorns

A couple of weeks ago I got the idea that I needed to clean my closet out a bit - a job I was not too interested in (not fun) nor enthusiastic about.  As I was rummaging through some of the drawers I came upon a partial bag of paper mache eggs left over from a project I had done a couple of years ago.  I set them aside and kept digging and found a few other supplies that gave me an idea to make with them. So I got busy and before long - I had some twine wrapped acorns for my Fall baskets.

Vintage, Paint and more... easy acorns made with paper mache eggs, twine and pine cones to use in your fall decor