Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Saying Good Bye to the Girly Girl Room

Our Miss A turns 10 in August and with this age change she is also changing her taste in style and decor.  It's really hard to see her go from that little girl look with the frills and lace to a more grown up look without so many frills.  She is definitely entering that preteen phase.  So when we moved here she announced that she wanted to very much change her room decor from her previous Girly Girl Room to a more grown up room. I am a little sad to see it go because it was everything girly and so cute.

Vintage, Paint and more.. a pink ruffly girly girl room with diy chalk painted furniture and thrifted accessories

I loved the pink and the ruffles and the frills and the cuteness of it all. 
Vintage, Paint and more.. a pink girly girl room with a diy flower table and thrifted accessories

So girly girl....

Vintage, Paint and more.. a pink girly girl room with thrifted diy chalk painted furniture and thrifted accessories

She has however outgrown it and has requested a more grown up room.  "Z" and "T" agreed to let her come up with the design and now it is being executed by the adults.  We are in the midst of putting it together but I can give you a sneak peak.

Vintage, Paint and more.. building a loft bed with a slide

Her big request was a special bed so "T" is building her bed to her specifications. When it is finished it will be a truly fun piece of furniture for her - then it will turn into a very functional piece as she gets older.

Vintage, Paint and more... building a loft bed with a slide

He primed and painted it as he built it to make it a little easier.

Vintage, Paint and more... building a loft bed with a slide.

You can't tell in this picture but the paint actually has sparkles in it - her request. It can always be repainted when she grows tired of sparkly furniture. He built it in our garage first so he could do any tweaking of it in an area easy to access it.

Vintage, Paint and more... a new room in progress

Then it was dismantled and taken to Miss A's room where it is being put back together after they painted the room.

Vintage, Paint and more... a sneak peak of a Frozen inspired room

You can see a sneak peak of the colors she has chosen.  Miss A is a die hard "Frozen" fan and asked her room to be modeled after Elsa's room.  It is a two tone purple and white chair rail is being installed between the colors. This is as far as we have gotten as it has been a big project and progress has been slow because one project isn't enough - we are working on actually two others at the same time. That way my life isn't too boring. I know none of you do anything like that do you. 

Vintage, Paint and more.. a pink girly girl room with an anthropoligie inspired bedspread

   So stay tuned as we say good bye to that cute little Girly Girl room and hello to a new Frozen inspired preteen room. It will be a fun reveal. 
What have you been up to this summer?  A big project or just taking it easy?  Would love to hear about it in the comments below.

Until next time have fun creating something you love.

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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Share It One More Time Link Party and Features #17

                Share It One More Time Party and Features

Hi Everyone. What a week we have had.  We are still have a heat wave with temps in the high 90's and heat indexes of 105 as I know a lot of you are also experiencing.  We have also been busy with out of town guests so not too much has been being done on projects.  Next week Miss A goes to camp so I have gathered all the stuff I need to start a really big project that I am so excited to share with you as soon as it is finished.  So without further ado I am going to turn the party over to Tammy who is hosting this week.
Hi Everyone, Welcome back to another Share It One More Time Party and Features, Thank you for stopping by and sharing all your great ideas.  I cannot believe the Fourth of July is just around the corner and honestly, I just have not had time to decorate or share any ideas or projects for it, but last week Cathy put together a great post  sharing many ideas from last week features to inspire you with some great ideas and projects  for the Fourth of July .

June Features PicMonkey Collage

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Another Crocheted Afghan

Good morning everyone.  Hope you all are keeping cool during this early summer heat wave we are experiencing. Our pool is still under construction so I am using this time to do a little crocheting. Today I would like to share the afghan I just recently completed.
Vintage. Paint and more... crochet afghan using 70's colors in a double crochet pattern
I usually don't crochet through the summer months but I am on a goal to make several this year for gifts for Christmas.  So I have been taking advantage of these hot afternoons to stay inside and get a little crocheting done and catch up on a movie or two.
Vintage, Paint and more... crochet afghan using a free pattern and done in double crochet
This afghan pattern is called Leaping Stripes and Blocks and the free pattern can be gotten here at Moogly.  She has written the pattern so you can make it in any number of sizes from a preemie blanket to a king size blanket and the instructions are quite easy to follow.
I used a Michael's brand yarn called Loops and Threads.  It is 100% acrylic and comes in 14oz skeins.  The colors I used are :
Aran (white) - 2 skeins
Aqua (blue) - 2 skeins
Forest (green) - 2 skeins.
I used a J crochet hook.
These colors remind me of a 70's color scheme but it is the colors that this person has in a favorite chair in their room also.  
Vintage, Paint and more... tri color crochet afghan using double crochet
This is a close up of the pattern - it's done in double crochets and chains - so is quite simple to do.  Once you have done the first 2-3 rows it is just a repeat and goes quite fast.  The border is just 2 rows of single crochet all around.
Vintage, Paint and more... Double crochet afghan in three color stripes and drop cloth pillow
I love this pattern and the result is quite pretty even if it is 70's colors.  I have already started another one in shades of grey and white - I will be sharing it with you soon.
Vintage, Paint and more... double crochet diamond pattern afghan
So, what are you doing on these ever so hot summer days to?  I love to hear from you so tell me about it in the comments below.
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Until next time have fun creating something you love.

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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Share It One More Time Features and Party #16

Welcome back to another Share it One More Time Party and Features 

Our party starts at 9:00 AM every Saturday morning and runs until Friday  5:00 PM.  During the week other bloggers will link up their favorite crafts, DIY projects, recipes and more – where you will get to see tons of inspiration!    Be sure to check back during the week... I am sure you will find even more to inspire you!  Thank you for stopping by... Where Everyday is an Event.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Simple Summer Vignette

Hi everyone.  Hope your week is going well. We are in the middle of a hot spell - temps in the mid 90's with the heat index in the 100's.  Needless to say this Mama is not spending much time outside until late evening.  So this week I'm bringing you a bit more of the summer tweaking I have been doing enabling me to still be productive but inside. I put together a simple little vignette for the ottoman in our family room.

Vintage, Paint and more... A simple summer vignette with white ironstone and daisies