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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Summer Entryway 2013

It's time again for me to come up with a summer decor idea for 
my entryway.
I have an idea of what I want to do 
have even started working on it.
But, since it's Throwback Thursday I thought 
I would look at last years entryway.

Vintage, Paint and more... summer chalkboard, flip flop wreath, fun colors of summer, using flip flops in your decor

Last year I used some really bright, hot colors 
reminisent of the beach 
beach life here.

Vintage, Paint and more... flip flop wreath, wreath made from flip flops, flip flops used in a wreath

My wreath was actually made from 
dollar store flip flops 
lots of summer embellishements.
I loved it but sio did my DIL so, it found a new home in the fall....

Vintage, Paint and more... summer fonts for chalkboard, chalkboard painted mirror, vintage mirror turned into chalkboard

Our chalkboard depicted all the things 
that we love about summer.
My granddaughter Mimi made it 
so fun and colorful....
Vintage, Paint and more... chalkboard, wreath made from flip flops, hot colors of summer

The bench held a beach bag, towel and flip flops- 
things that we use daily ...
They were in the same fun colors
already used throughout.
This was one look our entryway sported
I must say I loved the bright whimsical feel it gave as you enterd our home.
The second look was a patriotic one.
With all things red, white and blue.

Vintage, Paint and more... patriotic decor for an entryway

While Iwas ok with this look 
it just wasn't one of my best efforts.
I think it needed some pizzaz....
This year I am looking to change it up quite a bit.
I am thinking I am going to use the 
beautiful, calming coastal blues and whites 
see just which one I like the best.

Vintage, Paint and more... decorating with bright fun colors for summer

You can read more about this fun summer look here
or the patriotic look here;
you'll have to wait for the new summer entry till next week..

Are you switching up your decor this summer.
I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.
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Until next time - have fun creating something you love....

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  1. I love that flip flop wreath idea! Very creative and colorful! Prefect for Summer!

  2. What a bright idea with flip flops! I cannot wait next week to find out, what you'll have during this summer

  3. The whole entry display is CUTE! I wish I had a pool and teenagers still hanging out.

  4. The flipflop wreath is great.

    I made some little sailboats out of driftwood for our summer porch

  5. Cathy, can't wait to see! Love the chalk art! Thanks for sharing with SYC.