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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Painted Dishes

Vintage, Paint and more... stenciled dollar store plate and painted thrift store finds

I have an open space area above my kitchen cabinets
that a lot of houses have these days.
It's an area that I have seen merchandised so nicely 
in a lot of magazine pictures
I wanted to do the same thing.

Vintage, Paint and more... above cabinet vignettes

This is the only picture I can get of this space.
My kitchen is a hallway kitchen - very long and narrow,
with no windows and a center light.
We rent - we deal with it.
Anyway, this shows the space I am referring to.
When you come into the kitchen 
all you see is a very long blank space.
I wanted to fill this void with something pretty, cottage and vintage....
However, I really didn't have anything I thought would add 
interest to the space
being on a budget was limiting what I could use.
I had to improvise.
You know me and how I love paint by now.
If it doesn't move - it gets painted.
 I headed to Dollar Tree - my favorite place 
bought some clear glass plates, a plain white plate,  a couple of candle sticks,
a silver platter.
Then to the thrift stores - my second favorite place 
picked up a sugar bowl and creamer - in a not so pretty color, a white pitcher,
a wooden tray.....

Vintage, Paint and more... thrifted dishes

along with a few other interesting things I intend to use for the other side.

Vintage, Paint and more... thrift store finds

Then I gathered a can of blue spray paint 
craft paint 
and a sharpie I had on hand
began to play....

This is what I came up with.....

Vintage, Paint and more... stenciled dollar store plate, using paint on dishes, spray painting dishes

(These vignettes were photographed on my dining room table 
then put up on the shelves.)
The white plate I stenciled with a flower stencil that I picked up at Wal-Mart.
I used craft paint that I had on hand
then I outlined the graphics with a black sharpie.
There are little bumps in the design on the plate that I touched with a dot of blue paint
to make them stand out more and add to the overall design.
I love the way it looks 
I love the fact that it only cost $1 more....

Vintage, Paint and more... stenciled plate, painting a plate, spray painting dishes

The sugar bowl and creamer from the thrift store got a coat of blue spray paint.
Such an easy fix to make them custom  
for our kitchen.

Vintage, Paint and more... stenciled dollar store plate, spray painted thrift store finds, diy custom dishes, painting dishes

I was able to get a somewhat decent picture of them on top of the cabinet 
even though it is still dark.
( I use a point and shoot camera).
The only thing I changed was to place the sugar bowl
on top of a spray painted candlestick so it could be seen better.
I love this little vignette.
It is so cheery and really brightens this otherwise dark corner.

Vintage, Paint and more... spray painted dollar store plate, painted jar

Next, I took several clear glass plates from the Dollar Tree 
just gave them a coat of blue spray paint.
These plates had a cut design in them and really stood out when painted.
The jar is an old spaghetti sauce jar that
I painted with white craft paint 
(This vignette was done on the dining table to give you a better idea of how it looks.
I could not get a picture of it on top of the cabinets at all....)

Vintage, Paint and more... chalkboard painted dollar tree tray, thrifted pitcher

The silver platter was painted with black chalkboard paint 
then our initial was done with chalk.
I just placed the white pitcher next to it....

Vintage, Paint and more... spray painted dollar store plate, painted tin can, antique plate

This is probably the darkest corner of our kitchen 
so getting a halfway decent picture was not possible.
Anyway, I placed another spray painted plate,
an upcycled tin can you can find here
an antique plate that was my Mother's....

These little vignettes are not near enough to fill the space 
it's a start.
And the great part is - it was totally inexpensive
to get all this.
Dollar Tree - $6
Thrift Store - $4
Shopping my house for 
spaghetti sauce jar, tin can and antique plate - free
So this side of the cabinets cost me a total of  $10 
I already had all the craft supplies left over from other projects.
Now, that is my kind of decorating...

Vintage, Paint and more... stenciled dollar store plate and spray painted thrift store finds

NOTE: These plates are meant to be used strictly as decorative items and are not intended to hold food meant for consumpion.

What decorating dilemma have you been able to solve
on a budget.
I would love to hear about it in the comments.
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Until next time - create something you love....

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  1. Your painted dishes look lovely!!! I really like the ones with the flowers. And the baby blue is a great color too!

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    Marie@The Interior Frugalista

  7. Hi Kathy! What fun you must have had planning and putting this all together :) I absolutely love the plate you painted with the flowers; it's so special (everything is, really). Love the chalkboard too.
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