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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Touches of Christmas

Good morning everyone,
I trust that you are well on your way to being
ready for the big day.
I am beginning to panic a little.
Thought I was well on target
and getting everything done in a timely fashion
now I find that I may have
be mistaken.
Today, I will share with you a few
of the
Christmas touches in our home.
Above you see a few of my Santas.
I am a
Santa collector from way back when
and have just a few.
These little fellows
along with their brothers
reside in our china cabinet.
Along with a few gold wire trees
red and gold balls.
I love these little guys...
Here are a couple of the larger ones.
sitting next to them is
the book page tree I made.
I do not have a tutorial on that one.
It is simply cutting squares
in decreasing sizes with decorative scissors
putting them
on a dowel.
Very simple and just what I wanted.
Another little tree.
This one is made of silver threaded lace
silver bead garland.
The JOY sign is simply
a silver platter
(from the Dollar Tree)
painted with chalkboard paint.
The silver bird is an ornament.
And a couple of
from my hubby's collection.
Another little tree
(brother to the one above)
sitting on a candlestick
with a snowman nutcracker
a cork ball.
A book page snowman
made from a paperback book.
Top hat made from black card stock
a felt scarf....
A few red poinsettias
placed in the burlap wreath I made this fall.
( tutorial here )
I just pushed the stems into the Styrofoam
so they are easy to remove
after Christmas
destroying the wreath.
One of the several pillow
I made this year.
This one is made from a drop clot.
The little stockings
were cut from a
Goodwill sweater and sewn on.
The string is just a piece of
hemp tacked on.
I fell in love with these little pillows -
they are a
Pottery Barn Knockoff....
are you ready
or are you,
like me. starting to get that
panicky feeling in the pit of your stomach?
Would love for you to leave a comment,
follow me on this blog or Pinterest....
Have a great day,

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  1. WOW!!! You have so much talent Cathy!!!! I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU MADE!! I wish I was there making it with you, it looks so much fun!! I would love to learn how to make the snowman made from a book! Was it hard?? Keep posting this beautiful stuff!! Love Theresa