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Monday, December 17, 2012

Copy Cat Version......

Good morning everyone,
It's an ucky, grey, stormy day here today.
Think it is a perfect day
to start my
baking marathon.
But, for you today I am going to share
one of my secrets.
I am a copy catter....
I see something on Pinterest and like it
then I have to turn it into my own version.
Pinned Image

I saw this picture on Pinterest
done by
fell in love with it immediately.
It looks like a fairy wonderland to me...
I love anything
that makes me daydream and think of fairies....
So, I set about to make my own version....
And here it is...
Not as impressive as the original pin,
I do like the way it looks in our
living room.

I started with these little
houses from the Dollar Tree
(of course)

and painted them with white craft paint.
( You can see several projects
are going on at the same time...)
I also sprinkled them with glitter
while the paint was still wet.

Then I made the letters.
I used a roll of wrapping paper from the $1 bins
at Target,
8"x8" chipboard,
and black letters cut out with my Cricut.....

I don't have pic of the process.
( I still forget while I'm working)
I covered each
square with the wrapping paper
(of course, it has words on it).
I cut out 6"x6" squares of burlap
frayed all sides
then glued them to the covered squares.
I then glued the letters
in the center of each burlap square
outlined the letters with glitter glue.
( Glitter everywhere this year...)

I used glue dots to adhere the letters to the wall
in a stair step fashion.
Then I placed some
branches from a tree in a crystal vase
and added twinkle lights
( Both are from the Dollar Tree
10 snowflakes per package)
Then I placed some books on the table
for "hills"
covered the whole table top with a
snow blanket,
making sure I had little valleys
and  hills for our little village.
Then I sprinkled the whole thing with glitter
so it would sparkle like snow.

Here is a close-up of our little glittery houses
all nestled amongst
the snowy hills.
The trees are some of
the pine cones left over from my wreath
( you can find the post on it here ).
I sprayed them with a little white paint
then glittered them also.

I love these little white,
glittery houses

They are so fairy-like.

And the wore
describes it completely.....

Wouldn't you love to visit this village?
Do you think
live here?

Love to hear from you and would love it
you would follow me
on this blog
and through Pinterest.
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Lovin' my life in Carolina

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  1. Oh Cathy - just gorgeous beyond words - you have to get this out to some parties my friend!!!

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I plan on putting this on this weeks parties thanks for your encouragement Suzan...

  3. I love watching you create things that we can find in the dollar store to Target into some really beautiful projects!! I think I saw a fairy fly by...! Keep posting these! ENJOY love Theresa

    1. I love trying to come up with cool projects from those places. I like to change things around alot and don't like to spend money on anything because I never know when the bug to change is going to hit me. It could be a few years or just a few

  4. It is wonderful Cathy. You are a good copy catter. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas to you!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment and thank you for stopping by....

  5. Love your BELIEVE copy scape!!!!!!! New follower. Follow me back at
    Happy Holidays!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much, we are enjoying it. And thank you for following....

  6. Faeries love sparkly glittery things! It is lovely. I found this post at Elizabeth & Co.

  7. Very glittery and pretty - I know what you mean about Pinterest...hard not to find goodies on there to try!
    Thanks for linking up!
    Stacey of Embracing Change