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Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Traditions

Good morning everyone.
Only three days till Christmas
I can actually say
I am pretty much ready except for a little
Mind you, I did not think I would make it
only three days ago.
things came together as they some how do
and we are there.
Our family had several
Christmas traditions
we had to leave behind when we moved here.
One was a
traditional Victorian Christmas Walk
and the other was
the city park all lit up with
festive Christmas lights and displays.
So, we have had to make
new ones here.
one of those is
going to Brookgreen Gardens
to their
Night of 1000 Candles.
Brookgreen Gardens
is a statuary park that is absolutely
beautiful year round.
But, when they
add all the festive
Christmas lights
it turns into
a magical, mystical land.
The temperatures dropped here at the beach
we had to bundle up for this
night of walking through the park.
The statues were absolutely beautiful
back lit with lots of little starry lights.
The majestic oaks
were draped with long strands of lights,
making a curtain  of dazzling glitter.
The tree trunks and branches
were all wrapped
with thousands of lights.
playful displays of lights
were scattered
throughout the park.
What a wonderful new tradition
this has become for us.
Walking through this magical fairy land
with hot cups of cocoa
just enjoying
this time together as a family.
Does your family have any traditions?
What are they?
Love to hear your comments.
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Lovin' my life in Carolina


1 comment:

  1. This sounds like a great new place to go to see the lights!! The pictures were awesome and so it must be so beautiful in person!!!
    Love Theresa