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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

DIY Ornament Wreath

I have been busily getting out all the Christmas decorations as I am sure many of you have also been doing. Such a busy time of year for us all. I feel like I am behind and today is only December 1st.  Next year I am going to start getting my plans together earlier than this year (but I say that every year).  One can always hope.
Today I thought I would share with you a pretty little ornament wreath I made from Dollar Store items.  This wreath cost me under $10 to make. I saw one similar to it - not quite as full - at a local craft store for $30.  So if you're into DIY'ing like I am I'm sure you can make this simple little ornament wreath in an afternoon.

Vintage, Paint and more... Gorgeous DIY Ornament Wreath made with easily found Dollar Store items.

                                                       DIY Ornament Wreath

Vintage, Paint and more... Supplies used to make a DIY ornament wreath that can easily be found at your local Dollar Store

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You will need:
* 12-inch Craft Styrofoam Wreath,
* roll of ribbon ( I used some red burlap      ribbon)
glue gun
* a piece of twine long enough to make a loop   for hanging the wreath     
* approximately 80 various size ornaments (    mine are the plastic ones )

Vintage, Paint and more... wrapping a foam wreath form with burlap ribbon before applying the ornaments for an ornament wreath

First I wrapped the wreath form with the red ribbon making sure no part of the form showed through. I used some red burlap ribbon I found at the Dollar Store so it would blend in with the red ornaments I was using.

Vintage, Paint and more... tying a twine hanger on the wreath form for a DIY ornament wreath

I then tied a piece of twine around the form to make a hanger for it.  Your length will depend on where you are going to be hanging it.

Vintage, Paint and more... placing the first row of ornaments on the wreath form for a diy ornament wreath

Next, I started adding the ornaments. I bought 3 sizes - large, medium and small. I laid the wreath flat on the table so that when I added the ornaments it would still be flat. Now when I hang it, it will lay against the wall nicely instead of sticking out. I then started with the largest ornaments and began gluing them to the wreath spacing them out a bit.

Vintage, Paint and more... placing the second and third rows of ornaments on the diy ornament wreath

Next, I  added the other sizes - filling in areas where "holes" were.  I added the medium and then the small ones. Making sure each ornament was seated securely.

Vintage, Paint and more...Gorgeous Christmas ornament wreath easily diy'd with items found at the Dollar Store

The last step was to stand back and eyeball the wreath for any "holes" or spaces that needed just a bit more.  I added the small ornaments in any of these areas to make sure it had an even roundness and no holes.

Vintage, Paint and more... DIY ornament wreath that can easily be made in an hour or two with items found at most dollar stores

This is it hanging on a door - so pretty.  I have to say I was a bit surprised as to just how pretty it is.  And it was so simple - I would say it took me about an hour to complete it.  I'm definitely thinking of making a couple more.

Vintage, Paint and more... Gorgeous ornament wreath easily diy'd with items found at the Dollar Store

How about you - do you have your decorating all done or are you just beginning like me?
Love to hear from you so tell me about it in the comments below.

Until next time be sure to create something you love.

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