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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Painted Glass Vases

Good Morning Friends...
Today I am going to show you my new vases I just finished..

I love them
they were really easy to make....

I picked these up at my favorite thrift store last week
they looked like this....

Nothing exceptional or eye-catching for sure...
I did like their shapes.
I had been looking for something to try a technique
I had seen on Pinterest
on several different types of bottles and vases.
I was dying to try it
when I found these I knew they were the ones to try it on...

I used white acrylic craft paint and 
Valspar's Denim paint.
I poured the same amount of 
white paint in each of three small Dixie cups.
Then in the first cup I added a small amount of Denim paint,
in the second one I doubled the amount of Denim paint 
and in the third one I tripled the amount of Denim paint I used in the first cup.
I then mixed the paint in each cup well making sure I had a good ombre set of color.
Then I poured some of cup number 1 in one vase 
and rolled it around until it covered the entire inside of the vase.
Then I poured out the excess in the cup 
turned the vase upside down in another cup and let it drip for a while.
I repeated the steps with the other two vases using the second cup for the 
second vase and the third cup of mixed paint for the third vase.
I then let them dry overnight 
this is the result 

I think they are so pretty and fit right in with my beachy decor.
But the best part is they 
only cost me $1.50 and a little time...
Thinking that this is a project I may be repeating...

Do you think this is something you would like to try?

Until next time have a great day 
get out there and create something you love....

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mustache Bash Banner

Today I am going to continue the theme of the
Mustache Bash Party
by explaining how to make the banner.
This banner is quite simple to make but was really one
of the main pieces of our decor. 
It has a lot of steps in the process however,
none are at all difficult...
You will need:
Drop cloth fabric or burlap
Black card stock
Scrapbook paper with print of choice for the flowers
Scrapbook, wrapping or other paper of choice for the pinwheels
Stapler and staples
Hot glue gun and glue
Letter stencils
Optional tassels:   5 Fabrics of choice
Now, as I said this is quite simple to make
I did receive a little help with mine...
These ladies helped with some of the paper cutting
pinwheel making...
Thank goodness because it can be quite time consuming...
So let's get started.
Step 1:  We used black card stock to draw letters for the words
we were going to spell out and then cut them
I used a package of letter stencils from
Wal-Mart for about $3 I think...
Step 2:  I made a template of a flower to use.
 To make the template I used a round
bowl the size I wanted it to
be.  Then I used a cup to draw
around the outer edge of the circle
until I had the shape that I liked.
I then cut this out and used it as our template.
I used chalk to draw with because I could erase it easily if I didn't like one of the circles.
 This is what I came up with ...
Not quite perfect but - it really did look OK when we put everything together...
Step 3:  I picked a pink print scrapbook paper I had on hand for all the flowers.
Then we cut rectangles that were 5" x 5 1/2".
I glued the flower in the center of the black square.
One for each letter of the word.
Step 4:  I then used Ice Stickles glitter glue by Ranger
to outline each flower.
This is my favorite glitter glue.
The tip is a very nice size on the 1oz bottle for larger lines
of glitter.
But, they also carry a .5 oz size that has a very
small tip for finer projects.
I used to sell this in my scrapbook store and I absolutely
love this product over all others.
I used the Crystal Ice color on this project because it nearly
dries clear but still gives that bling that little girls like so well...
Here is one done - the glitter glue is still wet in this picture.
Step 4:   The pinwheels -
I am sure most of you have done this in
grade school by making fans..
You just have to carry it a little step further...
I used newsprint wrapping paper - but, I really think
book pages would have been just as cute
maybe, even cuter...
Cut 2 squares for each pinwheel
measuring 4" x 4".
Start by folding a 1/4" fold on any side of the square.
Accordion fold the entire square
until it looks like this...
Staple it in the center.
At this point you can round your ends or cut them off at
an angle to make your pinwheels a little more decorative.
We used all three ways in our decor
just to keep it interesting.
I have also seen some people use a long edge punch
punch two opposites side before folding
then accordion fold so the punched edge is the ends.
These make very decorative lacy pinwheels that
are adorable....
Place hot glue along the edge of one of the accordion pieces
and then glue it to another accordion piece
facing prints together.
It will look like a pleated bow tie when done...
Next, hot glue along the side from the staple out -
Bring the other end of this glued side up to meet it
hold it for a couple of seconds until it is bonded.
You will have a fan shape as above.
Do the same thing to the other side.
Now you have a pinwheel.
Step 5;  Glue one pinwheel in the center of each of the flowers
on the black card stock...
Almost there....
I am using one picture for the next two steps...
Step 6:  I cut rectangles measuring 6"x10" from drop cloth material
pulled a few strings from all sides to make them slightly frayed.
Next, I hot glued a black flower square on top of each
drop cloth square
making sure they were centered.
Then last but not least....
 Step 7:  I glued one of the letters to our words in the center of each pinwheel...
And here it is all put together...
I used clothespins to clip each square to a twine rope
that was draped across the
drop cloth background.
For the cloth tassels
I cut 6 each of 3/4" by 14" strips of 5 different
fabrics and tied them in the center.
I used drop cloth fabric, a pink cotton print, a black toille print,
and two kinds of lace.
Then I tied them to the banner in the center
on each end. 
I love how it brought the theme together and made it look
so glitzy, girly vintage...
Such an easy project that made such a big impact
on the overall look.
Banners are so simple to make
and they make
such a statement.
Think you might try one in the future?
That's it for today - a rather long post.
Have a great rest of the day
get out there and create something you love...
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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Thrift Store "Junk"

Good day friends,
How is your day going?
Mine is great because the sun has been shining
five solid days of rain....
Today I am going to show you some great thrift store finds. 
I love thrift store shopping.
You can find all sorts of really great "things"
for really great prices.
( This picture is taken in our very crowded garage.)
A few months a go I was shopping
found these great pieces at one of my favorite stores....
A bentwood chair for $4.99,
a little retro table for $5,
a hat box for $2,
a vanity light for $.99.
So my total expenditure that day was $12.98.
Not bad.
Now, I'm going to show you what that pile of "junk" became....
The retro table became this

which you can read about here.
Isn't it bright and playful now....
I absolutely love the colors.

The hatbox became this:

part of my vintage craft room storage
that you can read about here.
So pretty and dainty now....

The little light is now a vanity light in Miss A's room.
It was spotlighted here.

Isn't it just too adorable now...
with all it's pink and glitz,
just right for a little girls vanity....

And, last but definitely not least
the bentwood chair
has just been given its makeover and here she is...

I painted her with some DIY white chalk paint.
and then distressed her a little...
The original paint was black so it shines through quite nicely.
I then covered the seat with a drop cloth material.
 What would we do without drop clothes?
I am definitely having a love affair with them
using them for everything right now....
I had thought about putting a stencil on the rattan back or the seat
I am very undecided as to where she is going to live
at this time...
Right now she is in our master bedroom
this could change in a moments notice....

Here's a closeup of her as she made her big debut
at the Mustache Bash this week.
You can read about that here.

She looks so regal sitting here holding packages
at the party table...

Isn't it amazing what you can do with a pile of "junk"?

so much fun too....
I think that is why I love to go thrift shopping -
because with a little elbow grease
I can turn a "sows ear into a silk purse" after all.....

What have you upcycled
turned into your "silk purse" lately?

Have a great day and go out there and create
something you love...

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Mustache Bash

I have a little treat for you today...
Yesterday was our Miss A's 8th birthday
she celebrated it with a few of her friends...

These were her party decorations....
a little girl's version of a 
Glittery Pink  Mustache Bash.
A few weeks ago
asked me if I would like to use one of their party in a crate themes
to see what I could come up with.
Knowint that Miss A had a birthday coming up quickly
I asked her to choose the theme she would like...
She chose their Mustache Crate which
you can view here.

The crate

arrived in a packing box
with the following items in it...
Fingerstaches by Gama-Go
Mustache Lollipop Molds and Sticks by Wilton
Mustache Chalkboard Decals by ArtofVinyl
Chalboard Paint by DecoArt
Party Hats.

I am going to break this post down into several posts
as there
are a few tutorials I am going to do.

Almost every thing you see here was handcrafted
by myself and with my families assistance in a few things...
I had so much fun putting this together...
There will be a separate tutorial on the
Mustache Bash Banner
as it has several steps to it...
But, it is basically made from drop cloth fabric
paper and glitter.

The large flowers are pinwheels I made from paper
(which I have a tutorial coming up on how to do)
then wooden stems were constructed by my son.

The left side of the table has jars embellished with bits
around the house
filled with candies
including the chocolate mustache suckers
(made with Wilton's mold and lollipop sticks).
Here you can also see
paper cups with the
Mustache Chalkboard Decals
that we outlined with glitter
wrote each girls name in chalk.

On the right side are the party hats
we painted with
DecoArt's Chalkboard Paint
then embellished with pink pinwheels
glittered mustaches...
Along with a tin bucket
filled with
Paper Pinwheel Flowers
Glittery Mustaches on sticks.
The white paper filling is actually the packing from the box
all the mustache goodies came in...

(This picture was taken with her actual birthday cake as it was
an ice cream cake and I was afraid it might melt during our photo taking time.)

Great fun was had by all the little girls
( no pics due to their privacy).
But, let's just say several mothers
want to
borrow the decor for their little girls parties...

So, did you ever think mustaches would become
a trendy girl's party theme?
Or, a preteen and teen trend as far as that goes...
Funny, what kids find so much fun
I have to admit I had a lot of fun doing this....

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ribbon Storage

Good morning friends...
I have been on a quest to get all my crafting supplies under control and organized.  It seems this "stuff" we use can just get out of hand so easily and finding methods that work for me specifically isn't always easy...  My space is limited and I need things that don't take up too much room.  I also have to have it esthetically pleasing to me -in other words good ole "eye candy"...
So with that in mind I am going to show you what I just recently added to my craft room.

Vintage, Paint and more... organizing your ribbons with clothespins and a thrifted canister set

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Thrift Finds

Good afternoon friends,
What a beautiful afternoon it is here
at the beach...
Blue skies, white clouds and balmy breezes...
A perfect day for thrift shopping...
I found exactly what I was looking for...
A nice collection of clear glass...
Mostly vases
I have some specific projects in mind for each
and every piece here....

This piece made me stop dead in my tracks...
I had been wanting one of these
for quite a while now
today there it was...
I paid $2.00 for it
sometimes its worth it when you are really
yearning for something specific...
You will have to stay tuned to see
what project I am about with this little sweety....

These three pieces are just perfect for another project
I have been wanting to try...
at $.50 each
how can you pass them up?

Then there were 3 large vases,
a small bud vase,
a candle stick...
all $.50 each...
Not bad.

Not  a bad little bit of shopping today
even if I do say so...
the best is all of them were exactly what I was
looking for to do some very specific
All for $6.00 total...
You can't buy that much fun anywhere else now,
can you....
I would say my thrift shopping today was a success.
Now, you will have to come back to
see what it is I do with all
of this...
I don't think you will be disappointed.
What have you found thrift shopping lately?
Have a wonderful rest of the day
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