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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ribbon Storage

Good morning friends...
I have been on a quest to get all my crafting supplies under control and organized.  It seems this "stuff" we use can just get out of hand so easily and finding methods that work for me specifically isn't always easy...  My space is limited and I need things that don't take up too much room.  I also have to have it esthetically pleasing to me -in other words good ole "eye candy"...
So with that in mind I am going to show you what I just recently added to my craft room.

Vintage, Paint and more... organizing your ribbons with clothespins and a thrifted canister set

Ribbon is the hardest thing for me to corral...
All those loose ends dangling everywhere simply drives me crazy at times.  So I came up with this idea to store my bits and pieces of ribbon in.

Vintage, Paint and more... vintage canister turned ribbon storage, chalk paint, organization

What do you think?
It's an old glass jar canister set that I am sure you all have seen or maybe even used.  I found this one at my favorite thrift store for $2.00.   It didn't look like this when I found it (don't have a before pic) but I did change it up.  I painted it with my good ole DIY white chalk paint then free handed these numbers on the lids with a Sharpie.  I then distressed it a bit and waxed it so it wouldn't look so new and crisp.   Now I have a  really cool vintage storage unit and I absolutely love it!

Vintage, Paint and more... vintage canister set used as ribbon storage, organization, chalk paint

 I filled it with  my ribbons all wound up on clothespins.  This is so cool I don't know why I haven't tried it before this and it's quite simple to do.  All you need is an afternoon of watching your recorded TV shows or sitting outside enjoying the weather and you can knock this off in no time...

Vintage, Paint and more... storing ribbon on clothespins

I started with regular clothespins I found at the dollar store.  There are 36 in a package for - you guessed it $1.00.  Then you take your ribbon and clip one end into the clothespin so it stays in place....

Vintage, Paint and more... storing ribbon on clothespins

Next, you just begin winding your ribbon around the clothespin till you come to the next end....

Vintage, Paint and more... storing ribbon on clothespins

Clip that end into the clothespin and you have the neatest little storage unit for your ribbon.

Vintage, Paint and more... storing ribbon on clothespins

Now, aren't those just too cute and so neat.  No ribbon ends dangling and getting tangled up.  Such an easy storage solution - I don't know why I didn't do this before now.

Vintage, Paint and more... thrifted vintage canister set pinted with chalk paint and used for ribbon storage with clothespins

I have mine sorted by the way I use them:
 #1 has all my whites, creams, and blacks
#2 has all my colored ribbon
#3 has all my novelty ribbons and twines

Vintage, Paint and more... Thrifted canister set used with clothespins to organize and store ribbon

This way  I don't have  to rifle through all of them to find the exact one I need and with them in glass jars I can spy exactly which one I want quickly.  I am so loving this new storage.  It has really changed my way of doing things.
No more rummaging and digging and unknotting and hunting for the right ribbon.  All is right in the ribbon part of my world now and my crafting has gotten easier and less frustrating.

So, how do you store/organize your ribbon ?
Think a system like this would work for you?  Tell me about your favorite craft storage item in the comments below.  I answer all comments with email.  

Until next time - enjoy crafting something you love

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