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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Miss A's Bookcase

Good day everyone.
Hope you are all having a wonderful day.
We are enjoying a rather strange day here at the beach.
We are getting the tropical rain storm and winds
from Hurricane Sandy
on the East
then we are getting the cold front from
the West.
So, all this makes for a rather dreary, rainy,
blustery, windy
A perfect wet fall day.
But, we are much better off that what is in store for our
Northern counterparts.
Prayerfully, this storm will stay out at sea.
Today I am going to share a small little project with you.
I shared Miss A's room with you last week.
It was all done except for two projects -
which were the bookcase and the vanity chair.
So, I finally did that ugly bookcase you see in this photo.
Nothing exciting - just an plain ole' ordinary brown bookcase.
You see these everywhere.
Papa picked this one up at a thrift store for $15 last year.
It's been sitting around waiting for a job and a makeover.
And here she is all whited up.
Nothing special - just a little bit of paint to make it fit in
to the decor nicely.
Since this bookcase had a real sheeny, shiny surface
Papa went ahead and sanded it down for me.
Then I painted it with three coats of
DIY chalkpaint
(the recipe I use is found here )
After I let it set for 24 hours
I waxed it with one coat of
Johnson's Minwax clear paste wax.
Then after another 24 hours
I buffed it out to a nice little sheen.
It's exactly what this room needed
adds to the decor much better
than an ugly old brown bookcase.
Miss A is quite happy with it and said
"That's really cute, Grandma - I love it"
What more could I ask from a 7 year old?
Well, that's it from the beach today....
Not too exciting but, lots of the times the finishing touches
are not so exciting
do pull everything together.
So, what have you been up to lately?
Anything exciting or just some finishing up?
Have a great day
if you live along the East coast
try to stay dry
and, definitely
stay safe.
Lovin' my life in Carolina
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  1. Looks really nice what you did to the shelf!!

  2. Thank you so much Daniela, - nothing special but, something she needed.

  3. Great job!!! Hope you have a fabulous week! ~ Judy

    1. Thanks so much Judy, nothing fancy but, just what she needed....

  4. Very pretty :o)
    Thanks for sharing this week!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  5. Thank you for hosting such a great party each week.....