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Friday, October 19, 2012

DIY Farmhouse Burlap Wreath

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I have been lusting after those beautiful Farmhouse burlap wreaths  I have seen all over Pinterest.  You know the ones that are full of so much texture and just so vintage and "farmhousie"  looking.  Well, I finally decided to make one for myself instead of enjoying them through pictures.

Vintage, Paint and more... diy burlap wreath from a foam wreath form, burlap and hot glue

Isn't it gorgeous?  And, so simple to make.  I did it in one evening while also watching some TV.


                    DIY Farmhouse Burlap Wreath

You will need:
  •  2 yards of burlap  - color of your choice
  • styrofoam wreath form - size of your choice
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • scissors
  • ruler
 Most of the wreaths I had seen were a dark brown in color but this was not available at our Walmart and that being the only place for fabric I chose the white the only color they had - white.  However, after it was finished I liked the white so much better than the brown ones I had seen.  Sometimes, things work out so much better when we are given fewer choices.
Vintage, Paint and more... steps to making a wreath from burlap and styrofoam

I cut the burlap into 4" x 4" squares.  I didn't count how many.  I just made a big stack and then cut some more when I ran out.
Vintage, Paint and more... steps to making a burlap wreath

Begin by taking one 4" square and folding it diagonally making one corner touch the opposite corner as pictured above.

Vintage, Paint and more... steps to making a burlap wreath

Next, I made a little fold ( or tuck ) at the center and applied hot glue to it.
Vintage, Paint and more... steps to make a fall wreath from burlap and styrofoam

Then I poked the glued area into the Styrofoam wreath. You can use a pencil, screwdriver, knitting needle - anything that will poke the fabric down into the Styrofoam.  You can see how it looks in the above picture.

Vintage, Paint and more... wreath made from burlap and styrofoam wreath form

I did the outside edge first making sure no green showed when I looked at it from all angles.
Vintage, Paint and more... fall wreath made from burlpa and styrofoam wreath form

Then I started filling in around the top and the inside edge.
Vintage, Paint and more.. adding burlap squares to a styrofoam wreath form

Keep working around the wreath filling in any gaps where you may see the green through. This makes a very full wreath.

Vintage, Paint and more...burlap wreath tuthorial

So simple and so lovely. I love the fraying of the fabric it adds to its personality and shabbiness
I hung it on our front door where it really stands out against the black.
I use this wreath year round in different areas of our home.  You can easily add "faux" flower picks to it to reflect the season you are wanting to use it for.  In the Fall I add sunflowers and leaves to reflect the colors of fall,  at Christmas I add poinsettias or gold Christmas balls.  You can use whatever coordinates with your decor to change it out.  It is truly one of the most versatile wreaths I have.  

What do you think? Is there a beautiful burlap wreath in your future?
Vintage, Paint and more... a beautiful diy'd Farmhouse white burlap wreath that can be used in any decor and transitions through all the seasons

Until next time - have a great day
and create something you love.


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