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Monday, October 29, 2012

Girly Girl Ruffled Spread

Good day everyone.
I have had many comments on the
Girly Girl Bedroom
(found here)
So, I though I would tell you how to make the
Anthropoligy inspired bedspread.
I saw this on Pinterest -
pinned from Anthropologie
although it was totally white.
Now, white in a seven year olds room
does not mix that well.
So, I decided to make it in pink.
It was not that difficult to make
very time consuming
it did tax my brain to do the math to figure out
all the dimensions.
( Math never was my forte.)
Tutorial for ruffled bedspread:
I bought 5 yards of pink cotton quilting fabric
that was 44" wide.
A twin comforter measures
66" x 86".
I wanted to sew my ruffles on a base to make a duvet
( I later changed my mind about the duvet part)
I could not find a pink fabric that I wanted to use
that was not our of my budget.
So, I decided to use a sheet.
I have used sheets in my household sewing for years.
There is nothing better for a lot of the
projects I do.
Lots of yardage, small cost, easy care and last forever.
But, I could not find a sheet the color I wanted.
Therefore, I bought a white twin sheet at Walmart
for $5
and dyed it pink.
Thus, I had my base and no cutting as it was the right size.
Next I cut 17 ruffles from the pink cotton fabric.
These ruffles were 7" x 99".
I wanted 6" wide ruffles and I cut my ruffles
1 1/2 times the length of the fabric I am sewing them on.
This makes just the right gathering on the ruffle that I like.
And here is a pile of 17 ruffles.
I then proceeded to serge both sides of each ruffle.
This is not difficult but takes a while.
And the pile of serged ruffles.
Now the fun part.
I hemed one side of each ruffle 1/4".
The other side I left unhemmed and ran a basting stitch down the lenght of it
to gather it with.
( If you have a ruffler for your machine - you will want to use it.
I do not and there is no budget for one at this time.)
I then pulled the threads by hand and gathered the ruffles the old fashioned way.
I don't mind doing it this way
as I watch TV while I do it.
Next, I laid the twin sheet on the bed
and proceeded to pin the ruffle to the sheet.
I let the ruffle overhang the sheet about 1/2 inch.
I didn't want the edge of the sheet showing.
Then stitch along the top of the ruffle about 1/4" from the edge.
There is a lot of fabric to handle here and can be a little
challenging at times.
I just took my time and made sure everything was pinned
very well.
Continue to pin each ruffle in place.
I made sure the hem portion of each ruffle
overlapped the seam line on the previous ruffle.
It takes a while to sew 17 of these ruffles on this sheet but
it's not really a difficult project.
When you get to the top you have the hemmed portion of the sheet
so you don't have to do anything with it.
I hemmed the sides with a 1/2" hem.
I then decided on to make it into a duvet but
to leave it as a bedspread.
With all the ruffles and the sheet it is a fairly heavy coverlet
I did not want any more puffiness added to it.
This is the finished result -
a ruffled dress for the bed.
I think it turned out awesome.
I love it and so does our resident princess.
What has inspired you lately?
Thanks for stopping by.
Lovin' my life in Carolina,
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