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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Vignettes

Good day y'all....
                  Today I thought I would share a few of my fall vignettes.

I love blue and orange together
and here
I placed a bunch of dried hydrangeas
with the blues and browns
along with a blue bird
and, of course
a couple of orange pumpkins.

Everything is setting on old book pillars tied with raffia.
I love these pillars and use them everywhere.

A soup tureen filled with pumpkins
fall nuts and pine cones.

Blue and orange together, again

Candle holders with pumpkins
a cork ball....

A grapevine wreath with fall flowers and cat tails
a orange sunflower pail and fabric pumpkins....

A close-up of the grapevine wreath.
I just stuck some silk flowers and leaves in by their stems.
Quite simple
makes a very nice wreath.

Our terrarium was fallized with a few colorful leaves.
Miss A placed a small dear in amongst the leaves.

A little book I made from brown paper lunch bags
scrapbook supplies.

Another punch of blue with the fall colors.
This is a Pinterest vase....

I just love it.
I bought a clear vase at the dollar store.
Then I painted it with Elmer's glue mixed with food coloring.
I just added enough food coloring to get the shade I wanted.
Now - these CANNOT get wet
because the glue will wash off.
But, they are so easy to do and you can change the color as often as you like.

So, these are some of my fall vignettes.
I still have a few more projects to show you in the next few days.
So stay tuned.

Get out there, create and have fun
but, most of all
enjoy your life.....

                                                                                  Lovin' my life in Carolina,

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hi there everyone....

         This week is a big week for our family -
                                                 we celebrate birthdays all week.......

                    And - for our immediate family we celebrate
                                         Miss C turning 15.

Does she look happy or what?
She shares 15 with her sister Miss K for exactly one month
and then
Miss K turns 16.
We decided to celebrate this birthday in Charleston, SC.
We love Charleston
it is such a unique city.
We enjoy all the vintage mixed with the modern....
For example
look at this pic of a
trolley, a horse drawn carriage and a car...
talk about vintage and modern
side by side.....
We visited the open air market downtown-
the girls loved it,
with its
Gullah woven baskets, original art, and all sorts of
fun eye candy they spent hours just looking.
Mmmm - pralines.
What's the south without pralines???
After the open air market we made our way to the park nearby.
It borders on one of the many sea inlets around Charleston.
Here the kids were able to
see dolphins playing in the waters.
They were so excited to watch them.
The waters were full of boats that day as it was a beautiful day for outdoor fun.
The dancing waters around a fountain.
Miss A was dying to get in them but Mama said no....
We walked around the park for hours
enjoyed all the beauty.....
The pineapple water fountain.
The butterflies dancing on the flowers....
The beautiful riverboat.
The girls made a new friend with a very friendly puppy....
Then a little rest and a chat.
Then we decided to try something fun.
We had seen postcards of architecture that looked like letters
then used to spell words.
They were asking $4.00 a piece for them
although they were really cool
I didn't want to spend that much on a word.
So, we decided to walk around the streets of Charleston
and see if we could get our own letters from the architecture.
I think we found some pretty cool ones.
Here are a few we found....
Another "S"...
One cool looking "J"...
How about "H"...
And a big "C"
for the birthday girl.
What a wonderful trip we had and so much fun
spending the day in the
wonderful outside world of
How do you think we did with the letters? 
How do you celebrate your families birthdays?
Until next time
Get out there and have some fun but most of all
enjoy your life.....
                                                                          Lovin' my life in Carolina,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

China Cabinet

Hello everyone.....
     Today, I am continuing on with my fall decor....

This is a china cabinet that has a history here.
I bought this cabinet to paint
then fill with old vintage books
other things I like.
But, I could not find the time to paint it when we moved in.
I just went ahead and placed it in the living room
filled it up with some books and such.
Well, now the drama.
I was about to paint it but, the hubs does not want it painted.
He rarely has a thing to say about a piece and lets me do whatever I feel like doing
this time he was quite adamant.
So, I am letting it ride for now and trying to persuade him that it will be all right.
And when the time is right - it will receive its
paint transformation.

For now it is filled with my new addiction
Pinterest inspired book page art.
I love the printed word on anything.
And I have fallen in love with all the book page art that can be found
around Pinterest and the Internet.
So, I will take you on a guided tour of the "unpainted" china cabinet.

Of course, I started with thrift store books.
I cut the covers off of them
and then
tied them in little bundles with raffia.

Then I placed them on the shelves
in many different ways.
Upright, lying down, stacked, askew
whatever suited me at the moment.

I love the old vintagy feel they give
and the chippy, ragged look.

I took a few pages out of a couple of books
decoupaged them on some Dollar Tree pumpkins.
Then, I rubbed them with
some Tim Holtz distressing ink in Vintage Photo.
I added some silk fall flowers and raffia to the tops
I am so in love with them......

They are so lovely sitting amongst the other pumpkins....

I had two thrift store frames that were ugly brown
I painted them with white craft store paint.
Then I wiped them with a rag while they were still wet
so some of the brown would show through.
Instant distressing.
Then I took a couple of old dictionary pages
adhered the to some cardstock.
Added some silk autumnal leaves
wallah... instant book page art
sprinkled amongst the pumpkins.

I love them.....

On the center of the center shelf is a paper flower wreath.
I made this several years ago
scrapbook paper, distressing inks, buttons, ribbons and large brads
my Cricut machine.
I love this wreath and think it adds just the right amount
of pop to this otherwise "white" fall decor.....

In the center of the bottom shelf
you see
the book page pillars I made several months ago.
I absolutely love these pillars
have added them elsewhere in the fall decor.
You can find the instructions to make these here.

And that is the
Pinterest inspired book page fall decor
in the unpainted china cabinet.

What do you think?
Have you tried any book page art?

Love it when you leave comments.
Please follow me here and on Pinterest.

Get out there and create but,
most of all
enjoy your life.

                                                                              Lovin' my life in Carolina,

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fall Mantle

Good Morning Everyone...

                        I am still in the midst of my fall decorating -
                                        busy cutting, gluing, painting, etc.
                                       Trying to make most of my decor from recycled items.

                        Most of my ideas and inspiration has come from PINTEREST
                                         this year.
                         I love Pinterest - it's the greatest thing since sliced bread.....
                                         or at least I think so.
                         I have been working on our mantle - most of the decor is
                                         Pinterest found ideas that I just had to try.

This picture is not the best - I have trouble with pics in this room
because of the lighting
and positioning of the fireplace.

But, this is our mantle this year.
I'll take all the components apart for you.

This is a book page wreath.
You can find the instructions for these all over blogland.
There are so many ways to make this
everyone is quite simple.
I am a lover of script on paper, furniture, fabric - you name it.
It absolutely speaks to me.
Therefore, it was a no brainer when I saw this wreath.
I had to make one.
So, darn simple - I made mine with
a round piece cut from a packing box
a book I bought for $.10.
And boy what an impact this $.10 makes on that wall.
I love it....

I also fell in love with subway art.
(Again words on wood)
I had Papa cut me a board and I painted it with chalkboard paint.
Then I had planned on painting subway art
on it in white.
However, I found this transfer page I had left over from another project.
It was perfect.

Just positioned the transfer on the board and rubbed it
with the little stick that comes with it.
This one happens to be made by Karen Foster
but is several years old.
You can find ones like these in the scrapbook section of your craft store.
I love the way it turned out
how it looks on the mantel.

The little burlap banner was so simple to make.
I think it adds just the right touch to the rest of the mantle.
(I posted the instructions here)

 On the left side I filled a jar with potpourri
set it on old books tied with raffia.
It gives just the right vintage look
I am looking for.

On the right side I filled a vase
with the potpourri and a candle.
Then set it on a stack of old books.

The rest is just leaves, pumpkins and apples
filling in the space.

These pics really don't do it justice
I really like it.
It's so fall-ish with all it's colors of orange, golds and browns.

And, I have Pinterest to thank for it.
What would I do without you Pinterest?
Probably have the same ole' boring mantle I had last year.

Have you started your fall decorating yet? 
Are you using any inspiration from Pinterest?
Would love to hear about what you are doing....

Get out there and create something beautiful
enjoy your life....

                                                                            I am lovin' my life in Carolina

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