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Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hi there everyone....

         This week is a big week for our family -
                                                 we celebrate birthdays all week.......

                    And - for our immediate family we celebrate
                                         Miss C turning 15.

Does she look happy or what?
She shares 15 with her sister Miss K for exactly one month
and then
Miss K turns 16.
We decided to celebrate this birthday in Charleston, SC.
We love Charleston
it is such a unique city.
We enjoy all the vintage mixed with the modern....
For example
look at this pic of a
trolley, a horse drawn carriage and a car...
talk about vintage and modern
side by side.....
We visited the open air market downtown-
the girls loved it,
with its
Gullah woven baskets, original art, and all sorts of
fun eye candy they spent hours just looking.
Mmmm - pralines.
What's the south without pralines???
After the open air market we made our way to the park nearby.
It borders on one of the many sea inlets around Charleston.
Here the kids were able to
see dolphins playing in the waters.
They were so excited to watch them.
The waters were full of boats that day as it was a beautiful day for outdoor fun.
The dancing waters around a fountain.
Miss A was dying to get in them but Mama said no....
We walked around the park for hours
enjoyed all the beauty.....
The pineapple water fountain.
The butterflies dancing on the flowers....
The beautiful riverboat.
The girls made a new friend with a very friendly puppy....
Then a little rest and a chat.
Then we decided to try something fun.
We had seen postcards of architecture that looked like letters
then used to spell words.
They were asking $4.00 a piece for them
although they were really cool
I didn't want to spend that much on a word.
So, we decided to walk around the streets of Charleston
and see if we could get our own letters from the architecture.
I think we found some pretty cool ones.
Here are a few we found....
Another "S"...
One cool looking "J"...
How about "H"...
And a big "C"
for the birthday girl.
What a wonderful trip we had and so much fun
spending the day in the
wonderful outside world of
How do you think we did with the letters? 
How do you celebrate your families birthdays?
Until next time
Get out there and have some fun but most of all
enjoy your life.....
                                                                          Lovin' my life in Carolina,


  1. My husband and I went to Charleston for our honeymoon and we loved the open air market too! Following you back from Have a great day!

  2. Charleston is a great place to visit - thank you for stopping by and following....

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