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Monday, July 16, 2012

Little Retro Table

Good day everyone and welcome.

This is the story of a little table that was sitting all alone outside a thrift shop
                  looking quite in despair.....

needing some love and attention....

I almost passed this one up,
with all its water rings, scuffs, and mars
and so not desirable...

I was even in the car and getting ready to leave when I looked back
and it seemed to be calling my name.
So, I went back in the store and asked about it.
At the price of $9.99 - I didn't think I could pass it up.
It was a retro table -
It could be painted -
It might even turn out really cute....
who knows maybe it is redeemable.

What do you think?

After studying it when I got home I decided it was definitely in the family to
become a funky retro piece to go in our funky retro room.

I painted the main table with Valspar's Sweet Rhapsody
made into chalk paint.
The drawer I painted with Valspar's Key Lime
made into chalk paint.
And the legs T spray painted with Rustoleum paint that matches the Key Lime.
Then I put a coat of Johnson's clear wax on it.
And I am so loving it now.
It did have some redeeming features.

And it so fits in this space now.
I am learning to really look at pieces now.
Not just to glance at them and say
"Oh, that's an ugly piece, can't do anything with that."
I am learning that practically every piece has a redeeming quality
can be re purposed and new life brought to it.

Such a cute piece now
and to think I almost passed it up.

Have you ever passed up something and came back to salvage it?
Or did you leave it behind and rue the fact that you did?

Until next time get out and do something fun and enjoy your life.  I am

                                                                                             Lovin' my life in Carolina

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