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Wednesday, July 11, 2012


A couple days ago I showed you the retro guest room we did in the loft.  Today,  I thought I would tell you all about the retro armoir we did to take the place of having no closet in that room.

Vintage, Paint and more... a thrifted armoir painted for a funky and fun retro bedroom

This is it's before state. Not a bad looking piece as you can see. But, just not what I wanted for the room in its present state. We looked for a quite a while to find an armoir that was retro.  It had to be small enough to fit through the 28" door to the loft and yet large enough to house the needs of our guests.  So, consequently we had to pay a little more than we wanted for this piece but, the finished product was so worth it.  I try to stay under $40  per piece (just my rule).  But, if the piece has a special need in our house, is really well built and fits all our requirements I will justify overruling that but, not often. Anyway, I was not sure about this one until Papa said - buy it...  that's all it took - so she came home with me.

Vintage, Paint and more... thrifted armoir painted with chalk paint for a fun retro bedroom

She was really in good shape just had some areas that needed filling and sanding - as you can see by the white spots.  The back was a little brittle but still solid so we left it as was.  

Vintage, Paint and more... thrifted armoir painted for a retro look

This is a well built piece - with old craftsmanship dovetailing details as you can see above and is quite heavy.  One of the drawers had come unglued so, it had to have a some glue applied to it.   Not a big deal.
Vintage, Paint and more... thrifted armoir painted for a fun retro teen bedroom

I painted it with Valspar's Sweet Rhapsody after I made it into chalk paint.   I love this paint. It covers so well and leaves that vintagy feel everyone is going for.  You can distress it but, I am not one for too much distressing.  Don't get me wrong I love the look and think it is so very cool.  But, I also love a crisp, clean looking piece of painted furniture.  So after two coats of Sweet Rhapsody I was totally in love with this piece.  But, since this was going into a "funky, retro" room I needed it to have a little pop of color besides the blue.

Vintage, Paint and more... thrifted armoir painted with chalk paint for a retro look

Key Lime was painted on the inside.  I also painted the insides of the drawers key lime.  This is the first time I have done anything this "daring".  I usually stay within the lines, (safe areas)  But, I really like this straying from the usual.  By adding this color it gives it a youthful, cheery look that is funky and retro.

Vintage, Paint and more... thrifted armoir that is painted with chalk paint for a fun retro teen bedroom

I also decided to paint the door with chalkboard paint.  Now the kids can have fun with this piece also. (but, so can grandma.....)

Vintage, Paint and more... thrifted armoir painted for a retro look

We changed the drawer pulls to these retro looking brushed nickel pulls.  We got these at Lowe's for around $3.25 each.  I think these really make this piece.  For the door we just used the matching little door knob.

Vntage, Paint and more... thrifted armoir painted with chalk paint for a fun retro look for a teen bedroom

After a coat of wax with Johnson's clear wax it was ready to go  So, what do you think?  Did I manage obtain my goal of funky, retro, and cheery?

I am absolutely in love with this piece.  (but then I fall in love with each piece I do)  It has to be one of the most unusual pieces I have ever done.  It has definitely inspired me to try other things with my painting.

And so until next time... have fun creating something you love.


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  1. Your armoir turned out sooo well. I love it!!! And, I may be a little biased since Ann Marie is a contributor on my site, but I LOVE her work too.

    Thanks for sharing on Show and Tell Wednesday at SNAP!

    xoxo, Tauni

    1. I also am in love with Anne Marie's work - she inspires me and her tips are so great. I had such fun doing this piece - thank you for stopping by....

  2. love it great colors defiantly very cheery

    I've nominated you for VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD details here>

    1. Thank you so much for the nomination - I am so honored

  3. I guess today is your day to get awards and feel encouraged. You are my nomination for Liester Blog award. go check it out on my latest post!

  4. Thank you so much for the nomination. I am so honored and to get two in one day - awesome. Thanks for stopping by.....

  5. Hi Cathy, this is a great looking piece. I love the color too. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party. I notice you are having troubles with your links. When you share what parties you are joining, you need to highlight the name of the blog first, then hit the little link option in your post options above the post box...and that is where you put in the url. Thanks.

    1. Thank you wo much - I usually don't have any problems but on this particular day it looks like I was not doing very well,lol... I shall try your suggestion....wish me luck....