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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Hi everyone....this post promises to be a lengthy one so pull up a nice comfy chair and maybe a cool glass of sweet tea or iced coffee too help you through.......

What a whirlwind we have been on these past couple of weeks.   It all started with a trip to Illinois...


to be exact - the St. Louis Area - and what a long trip it was.  It takes us 16 hours to drive
it.  And....they are a long 16 hours.   But - we made it......without any events.

We spent a most of our time with our oldest son S and his family.  They were busy with packing and getting ready for their move to Philadelphia in 6 days. What an exciting time for them - entering a new season in their lives.  We so enjoyed our time with them and had so much fun...We were also able to visit with our siblings - which was awesome - since we only go there about once a year.

After a whirlwind week of visiting we started back with a few more passengers than our trip over -
Our youngest son's girls and their brother are here for a two week visit ... we are loving it.

Miss K. aka Sissy

Miss C aka Mimi

Mr. C aka Bubba

Thank goodness we have a built in DVD player for the trip -
it was a lifesaver.....

We stopped in Metropolis, Illinois for a gas-up
guess who we saw there.....

Yep - you guessed it



and, of course,

In Nashville the kids all decided the AT&T building looked a lot like
I admit I have to agree with them on this one.

In Nashville the storms began and
we sat in traffic for over an hour -
delaying our trip .....

The storms continued through the mountains.

sometimes torrential and a little scary
out on that interstate.
But, we made it home safe and sound at 5am.
All of us quite beat
but ,
looking forward to all the fun in the next two weeks.....

While we were gone

I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.....

Thank you ARod from MakinMy Apt a Home
                                                    found here http://www.makinmyaptahome.com/.
  Check out this amazing coffee table she made - WOW....
                                  how fabulous is that?
   Visit her blog to see what other great things she is up to.....


And now for 7 random facts about myself:

      1.   I was born in Montana and have lived in Illinois, Florida and now South Carolina. I think
               Florida was my favorite state though, South Carolina is beginning to grow on me.

      2.  I have 5 siblings - 3 sisters ( one of who lives in France) and two brothers.  They are all
               younger than me.

      3.  I love to read - all kinds of books and most of the time you can find me reading 2 or 3 books
               at the same time.

      4.  I love afternoon naps - especially when there is a baseball game droning in the background.
               It is so relaxing to listen to and I just drift right off to sleep, lol....

      5.   Frozen cappachino from QuickTrip is the bomb - I absolutely love it but, there are no
                QuickTrips in this state.  Bummer....

      6.   My all time favorite flower is a carnation - I mean I love their fragrance and ruffly blooms
                  it is the only flower that I had in my wedding....

       7.  White, cottage, beachy, vintagey style has been my go to decor for ages.  It all started with a
                  shabby chic magazine and I fell in love.... however, my hubby is not so into the all white
                  look and so I incorporate as much as I can.....

Again thank you so much to ARod for nominating it is an honor to be recognized by your fellow blogging friends......

                    So, how has your week been - traveling?, creating?, or just having fun?
                                               We'd all like to know.

                               Until next time get out there and do something fun
                                               most of all enjoy your life.....
                                                               I am.

                                                                                                   Lovin' my life in Carolina,


  1. Hi Cathy that was a test to see if it worked...lol But really I loved seeing your pictures and are those the little girls that use to come to church with you at Life? Glad that God kept you all safe in the rain storms driving. I loved how the table came out that was black and white checkered. Whom painted that table? I loved how the furniture came out in that pretty aqua color for your loft. Great job with that. Great to see that Roger looks good too! Look forward to reading your next blog. God Bless. Love Theresa

  2. Glad to see you made it Theresa.... Those little girls are now in high school - hard to believe. I painted the tables and T and I painted all the furniture for the loft. We are having such fun doing it. Thanks for stopping by - looking forward to hearing from you often......

  3. Thanks Cathy for stopping by my blog. Yes sounds like we are old time neighbors. I visit Alton quite often. They have a few of my favorite shopping spots.