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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Retro Loft Guest Room

Good day everyone.  Today I am going to show you the after pictures of what we did with the loft.  If you remember this is what it looked like when we moved in....

Vintage, Paint and more.. loft turned guest room

a very large space with lots of potential...

Vintage, Paint and more... retro teen room, retro guest room, multifunctional room, thrifted furniture

and this is what it looks like now.  WOW....  I love the transformation  It is so bright and cheerful  while also being fun, funky and retro....  The colors we decided on for the furniture are: Valspar's Sweet Rhapsody, Key Lime and Anthem White.  I have absolutely fallen in love with this color scheme.  This room was put together with either flea market finds, things we had on hand and/or T's great ability to build a few things from scratch.   We decided this room needed to be multifunctional as we had many needs for it to fulfill.  The main one being our grandkids are coming in just a couple of days to spend the summer with us and I wanted a fun room for them.  One that also fulfilled all their needs while they were here.

Vintage, Paint and more... retro teen guest room, thrifted and painted furniture for a retro look

A nice little sitting/reading/watching movie area.  The love seat and chair were actually our outdoor furniture that did not fit on our small patio.  So, we decided to use them in this space.  I had an old twin comforter that was exactly a match to our paint colors.  Using that and a bit of lime green cotton I bought, I got out the sewing machine and covered the cushions to match.  I really love it now.   The two small tables were flea market finds that we painted, the lamp is a retro looking floor lamp that we inherited when we moved in.  The bookshelf has yet to get it's makeover but, is also a flea market find of Papa's for $15.  He was so proud when he brought that home to me.  (I think he has also got bitten by the thrift bug.)

Vintage, Paint and more... thrifted furniture for retro teen room

This is opposite the sitting area.  I found this on Craigslist.  It is also waiting for it's makeover.  I am going to paint it the anthem white with the key lime on the back boards - to give it a pop of color. This little unit houses all the gaming systems, games, DVD's, books and board games. Everything in one place - all organized and readily available for them to use while they are here. I love organization and love having a place for everything.

Vintage, Paint and more.. thrifted and painted furniture, upcycled patio furniture, retro teen room

This is a view of the opposite end of the room.  The armoir is also a thrift store find.  I love this piece and will be showing more of it in a later post.  The twin beds were made by T.  One is a trundle and one has under bed drawer storage.  Multifunctional pieces for a multifunctional space.  The trunk is also a thrift store find and  T built the stand for it to sit on so it would be the right height to sit between the beds.  ( T is so handy with his saw and hammer).

Vintage, Paint and more... diyed twin beds, thrifted and painted furniture, teen room

Another view of the room.  We had the comforters on the beds from a previous house and the curtains were inherited with the house.  As you can tell this is just the basics of the room.  We still have the fun stuff to add -art, bling, chatzies, all the things that make a room pop.  I will be working on thrift store finds and budget
ideas to spiff this room right up.  And I will be showing some of the other makeovers of this room.

Vintage, Paint and more... retro room from diy and thrifted furniture

I love this room now and feel like we met our goal - a funky, retro, fun at the beach sort of room for a great couple of teens to spend the summer.  It is also a multifunctional room for all the people that live in this big ole house when the teens go home.  It is a sleepover/guest room, a movie watching room, a game room, a reading room, and a let me get away from the crowd and think room.  I could spend a lot of time up here now and probably will.  What do ya think?

Have you redone anything lately?  Do you have a room that has many functions for many people?

Have a great day - do something fun and most of all enjoy your life.


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  1. Hi Cathy! Welcome to the newbie party. I love your colorful loft redo! What a happy place. thanks for sharing and joining in.

    1. Thank you so much -I was stepping outside my comfort zone with these - but I must say I have fallen in love with them....

  2. I love the colors! It looks so pretty. I'm your newest follower from Debbie's!! :)