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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things Are Changing......Slowly

Hi Guys - how are ya?
                          Grab your coffee, have a seat and let's chat awhile......

Well, surprising enough we are still moving in.
Though we are much farther along than the last time we chatted.
When we moved to Myrtle last year we had to store a lot of "stuff" in a
10 x 10 storage unit.
So, unfortunately that had to moved to this house.
Why pay for a storage unit when you have a 2-car garage that makes a
great storage unit -for free?
We spent two days moving all the things we had stored to the garage.

And now this is our garage!
What a mess this is, too....
There are things here we haven't seen in a year and had no idea we still had.
( We had to leave a lot of stuff behind when we moved -
only so much room in a moving van...)
And so Papa and I spent a whole day out here going through boxes.
Just opening them and reacquainting ourselves
with what was contained in each.
What we concluded was .....
we had a lot of stuff we no longer needed
Imagine that - out of site; out of mind.
The plan was to sort all the boxes
keep, toss, donate.
However, when we got done things weren't looking much better....

Believe it or not this is the keep pile....

And a lot of this is the toss and the donate piles...

Can you see a difference?
Don't worry neither could we.
So, we decided to leave it and go for a walk.

Our walk took us down the old cart paths of the old golf course
that is actually our back yard.
Miss A and Papa wanted me to see some areas they had discovered
on their last outing back there.
I love that old moss hanging from the trees.

However, I discovered the undergrowth is weeds mixed with a
lot of poison oak.

The paths led around this small swamp.
There is a larger one close by that is rumored to have an alligator in residence.
I'm not going over to check it out.
I'll just take every one's word for it.
There are also supposed to be a few snakes in here - duh
We're in the woods folks
Where do snakes live???

Don't know what these little white flowers are called but they carpet
a lot of the grounds.
So delicate and dainty,
quite pretty.

The paths wound for some distance and when we got back to the house
I was done for the day - but, so was Papa.
We decided to sit on the patio for a spell and just enjoy the warmth of the sun
and the spring breezes.

Not too long after we arrived our new neighbor came by to visit for a while.

Isn't she cute?
It's a fox squirrel.
The first time I saw her I thought she was a raccoon.
She really resembles one with her black mask and long ringed tail.
She is actually quite a bit larger than the usual grey squirrels we see.

Papa throws a small pile of peanuts out to her each day.
Hope it doesn't bring any other kind of wild life by.
There's plenty here.
The neighbor said there were six deer in his backyard the other night.
He said they ate the pansies.
 I made sure I planted deer resistant plants in the pots on the patio. 
Nothing I hate more than my flowers to be eaten or dug up by some critter.

Anyway, back to our neighbor...

She has taken up residence in the tree right outside our back door.
She built  condo out of sticks and leaves one afternoon.
Think we may be getting a family soon.
Oh well, they keep Papa entertained and that's important.

Well, guess it's time to say good - bye.
Hope you have a wonderful afternoon this beautiful spring day.
Get out, take a walk and enjoy the awesome sun and breezes.
Come back when you can - I love to chat.
Leave a note or a comment - I'll get back to ya soon as I can.

                                                                                                    Lovin' life in Carolina,

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring has Sprung.....

Hi everyone.....

Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair
let's chat awhile.

Spring has sprung.....
and it's no more evident than when
strolling through the beautiful
Brookgreen Gardens.

The grass is greening up and
the trees are starting to fill with
little spring green leaves.

The temperatures are in the mid 70's
with lots of sunshine and
balmy breezes.

Brookgreen Gardens is a beautiful
statuary park in Murrell's Inlet.

It's abounding beauty and peaceful presence
makes for an awesome afternoon

I love ornamental cabbage  -
they were in abundance
as were
other ornamental vegetables.....

and beautiful flowers
I do not know the names of yet....

But one of my all time favorites
were in abundance

The glorious Camellia..
I fell in love with these at
Lew Gardens in Orlando, Florida.
Their gardens were the most awesome
I have ever seen.
Camellia bushes 10 feet and more tall.

Brookgreen also has a nature trail to walk
But, be ware
there may be alligators, venomous snakes,
and stinging insects.

and sure enough....
not too far into the walk
we happened on.......

A small gator in this patch of grass.
You can see Big C trying to get a
pic of him.
He was a little photo shy that day....

These are wild azaleas blooming throughout the area.
Our "brisk" afternoon walk
generated a large appetite for each of us.
So we decided to head into
Myrtle Beach to the
Market Commons.

We stopped at
Nacho Hippo
for a delicious and grandiose
plate of nachos.

As you can tell by the smiles on our faces....

What a great way to end a great day.
Next time you'll have to join us.
We'd love to have you.

Bye for now......

                                                                                   Lovin' life in Carolina,

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Visitor

Hi everyone...

Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a seat and let's
have a chat....
Things have been  little hectic here
the last few days.
We have a northern visitor staying
for a week.

Our oldest grandson Big C is here on spring break.
It's been almost a year since we saw him last.
I think he has added an inch to his height...
Almost catching up with his dad.

So, in celebration of Big C being here
we have been quite
busy seeing the local sights
and eateries....

The first night we ate at a small place called
It's located on the Marshwalk in
Murriell's Inlet.
We enjoyed stone baked pizzas
and a delicious salad bar.

Afterwards we walked along the Marshwalk.

The marshwalk is a sort of like a boardwalk
that is located along the inlet marsh.
It runs along  long stretch of eco friendly waters
that support many forms of sea life.
During the day you can see several species of sea life
at night it's just a pleasant walk along the waters
with the sound of the music from the restaurants above
wafting down.
Quite peaceful and relaxing.

Captain Hook came up to have a short chat with us
He really didn't have much to say though.
The little white spots in the cement here
are shells that were pressed in when it was laid.

And just in case you were wondering this is
the location of the
Love Shak.....
I had always wondered where it was and now
I know, lol.....

We have also been spending a lot of time relaxing
at home.
Think Big C needs a break from work and classes.

However, Miss A has an altogether different idea of
him relaxing....
It means big bro needs to entertain me
cause I don't see him very often.....
And we all know how she loves her big bother.

Well, that's it for today..
thought I'd better get a bit of a post out before
you all thought I had left the country.

You all have a great day and come back for
another visit when you have the time.

                                                                             Lovin' life in Carolina,


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We're In......

                       Hi there, grab a cup of coffee and pull up a seat so we can chat a while...

It has been a while - in fact a whole week
since we were last able to sit together...
I apologize but, this move has really blown our schedules
out of the water....

Last Wednesday was the big moving day for us.
The day we moved all the furniture and
as many boxes as we could.
What a day that was.
As you all know - and have experienced yourself
very exhausting work.

We wound up with boxes everywhere -

Did I mention there were boxes everywhere??

Not a surface or space was void of a box....

They were everywhere and they seemed to be multiplying....
We couldn't get away from them.

On Thursday and Friday I began unpacking with Papa's assistance...

And a little from Miss A....
She unpacked everything in any given box and
just threw it in whatever cabinet was handy...
no organizing for this girl....

But finally after several days of making trips to the condo,
unpacking, arranging and rearranging this where
we are now....

Our nice, neat, organized kitchen.

Our neat and organized dining room.
This is looking our to our back yard.
No curtains yet - that's another day....

Another view of the dining room
looking toward the kitchen.

One view of the living room.
The two chairs, round table and book case
are compliments of the lady that lived here before us.

The big brown monstrous sectional's replacement.
A very comfortable sofa
two leather recliners that vibrate and heat
for all those bad backs in this family...
And a new area rug.
I absolutely love this rug.
And it's shag.
Wasn't that all the rage in the 70's???
I vaguely remember having shag in our entire house then.

The china cabinet compliments of the previous owner.
This is scheduled for a redo in the future
so stay tuned - you don't want to miss that one. 
Right now it holds books and china.
A great storage piece. 
Even in this big ole house we needed extra storage space.

This is one of the best parts of moving here...
this is our back yard.
It was an old golf course that went defunct but,
makes a beautiful park like area for a back yard.
These woods are full of deer and
they come up into the yard at night.
Guess I am going to have to research
deer resistant flowers, lol.....

Well, that is it for the present tour.
We are in but the rest of the rooms are not together yet.
We still have a couple of trips to make to the condo
then we have a 10x10 storage to empty out.

Boy, do we have our work cut out for us.
Our first projects will be in Miss A's room.

Well, I must go - there is a box calling my name.
Come back soon
to see what is happening here in the Carolina's.

                                                               Lovin' my life in Carolina...