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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring has Sprung.....

Hi everyone.....

Grab a cup of coffee, pull up a chair
let's chat awhile.

Spring has sprung.....
and it's no more evident than when
strolling through the beautiful
Brookgreen Gardens.

The grass is greening up and
the trees are starting to fill with
little spring green leaves.

The temperatures are in the mid 70's
with lots of sunshine and
balmy breezes.

Brookgreen Gardens is a beautiful
statuary park in Murrell's Inlet.

It's abounding beauty and peaceful presence
makes for an awesome afternoon

I love ornamental cabbage  -
they were in abundance
as were
other ornamental vegetables.....

and beautiful flowers
I do not know the names of yet....

But one of my all time favorites
were in abundance

The glorious Camellia..
I fell in love with these at
Lew Gardens in Orlando, Florida.
Their gardens were the most awesome
I have ever seen.
Camellia bushes 10 feet and more tall.

Brookgreen also has a nature trail to walk
But, be ware
there may be alligators, venomous snakes,
and stinging insects.

and sure enough....
not too far into the walk
we happened on.......

A small gator in this patch of grass.
You can see Big C trying to get a
pic of him.
He was a little photo shy that day....

These are wild azaleas blooming throughout the area.
Our "brisk" afternoon walk
generated a large appetite for each of us.
So we decided to head into
Myrtle Beach to the
Market Commons.

We stopped at
Nacho Hippo
for a delicious and grandiose
plate of nachos.

As you can tell by the smiles on our faces....

What a great way to end a great day.
Next time you'll have to join us.
We'd love to have you.

Bye for now......

                                                                                   Lovin' life in Carolina,


  1. I'm actually reading this on the same day you wrote it, *chuckles followed by Big smile! It's the little things...
    When I got up today and took my coffee out to the wet deck for nature time (it stormed last night big time, and today), it was all misty, with a low fog all around making everything look surreal. I almost grabbed my camera.., there was an overnight suddenly here in the 'Burn'. I could see little leaves and buds on the maple tree, and beyond that my neighbor's 5 fruit tree had branches of pink, white, purple....,every branch had come to bloom at once in a palette of different colors. All around me was a blanket of greens; later when the sun came out, all that spring green (especially right after the rain!), was so completely bewildering! Yesterday, although oddly too warm, it was still March; today it was Spring.
    I love Spring, but this year's weather has been a little unsettling..., I don't think we got into the single digits all winter. I shall not make a complaint of this, but I do wonder how the farmer's will know how to plant, and (although it's in the 80's right now! WEIRD!), I certainly will keep the peaches and such in mind in case there should be a last frost?!
    Sorry for writing a letter on your blog. I had much more to say, but I'll just suffice with: your pictures are beautiful; your grandson is looking more like his Dad; and your family must be run right when the two women are sitting at the (2)'heads' of the dinner table! lolol!
    Have fun with Aaly's room =)

  2. It stormed all night here also. And boy, did the azaleas pop with blooms. But, the best thing is while I was out today I noticed Wisteria starting to bloom all over here. It is absolutely stunning. I have never seen such an amount in one area. Glad to hear that you all are having some wonderful weather ( warmer than us) right now. Hope it lasts for a while.