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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things Are Changing......Slowly

Hi Guys - how are ya?
                          Grab your coffee, have a seat and let's chat awhile......

Well, surprising enough we are still moving in.
Though we are much farther along than the last time we chatted.
When we moved to Myrtle last year we had to store a lot of "stuff" in a
10 x 10 storage unit.
So, unfortunately that had to moved to this house.
Why pay for a storage unit when you have a 2-car garage that makes a
great storage unit -for free?
We spent two days moving all the things we had stored to the garage.

And now this is our garage!
What a mess this is, too....
There are things here we haven't seen in a year and had no idea we still had.
( We had to leave a lot of stuff behind when we moved -
only so much room in a moving van...)
And so Papa and I spent a whole day out here going through boxes.
Just opening them and reacquainting ourselves
with what was contained in each.
What we concluded was .....
we had a lot of stuff we no longer needed
Imagine that - out of site; out of mind.
The plan was to sort all the boxes
keep, toss, donate.
However, when we got done things weren't looking much better....

Believe it or not this is the keep pile....

And a lot of this is the toss and the donate piles...

Can you see a difference?
Don't worry neither could we.
So, we decided to leave it and go for a walk.

Our walk took us down the old cart paths of the old golf course
that is actually our back yard.
Miss A and Papa wanted me to see some areas they had discovered
on their last outing back there.
I love that old moss hanging from the trees.

However, I discovered the undergrowth is weeds mixed with a
lot of poison oak.

The paths led around this small swamp.
There is a larger one close by that is rumored to have an alligator in residence.
I'm not going over to check it out.
I'll just take every one's word for it.
There are also supposed to be a few snakes in here - duh
We're in the woods folks
Where do snakes live???

Don't know what these little white flowers are called but they carpet
a lot of the grounds.
So delicate and dainty,
quite pretty.

The paths wound for some distance and when we got back to the house
I was done for the day - but, so was Papa.
We decided to sit on the patio for a spell and just enjoy the warmth of the sun
and the spring breezes.

Not too long after we arrived our new neighbor came by to visit for a while.

Isn't she cute?
It's a fox squirrel.
The first time I saw her I thought she was a raccoon.
She really resembles one with her black mask and long ringed tail.
She is actually quite a bit larger than the usual grey squirrels we see.

Papa throws a small pile of peanuts out to her each day.
Hope it doesn't bring any other kind of wild life by.
There's plenty here.
The neighbor said there were six deer in his backyard the other night.
He said they ate the pansies.
 I made sure I planted deer resistant plants in the pots on the patio. 
Nothing I hate more than my flowers to be eaten or dug up by some critter.

Anyway, back to our neighbor...

She has taken up residence in the tree right outside our back door.
She built  condo out of sticks and leaves one afternoon.
Think we may be getting a family soon.
Oh well, they keep Papa entertained and that's important.

Well, guess it's time to say good - bye.
Hope you have a wonderful afternoon this beautiful spring day.
Get out, take a walk and enjoy the awesome sun and breezes.
Come back when you can - I love to chat.
Leave a note or a comment - I'll get back to ya soon as I can.

                                                                                                    Lovin' life in Carolina,


  1. Hello there,
    I have my coffee beside me,and I came to take a break with you..., you did not disappoint me, you were here! =)
    Your garage looks like you've put a LOT of work into the sorting part (which is the hardest part), but I wasn't sure what pile was which, so I conclude that it must be the smallest.. lol!
    The dainty white flowered carpet reminded me of when we first moved here, and our entire back yard was carpeted with purple violets. So beautiful! There were some white violets mixed in with the purple; it would be nice if yours were white violets that you could add to the border of your yard. I'm just imagining. That's what happens when you watch "Tinkerbell" for three days in a row!
    Nice to see your pics and hear your moving along in life, and thanks for the invitation to take a walk.. lol! I'm going to walk right back to the sewing machines, and get some more work done. =/
    Love ya <3

  2. It was great chatting with ya. We had purple violets growing wild in our yard in Alton - I transplanted them to places in my flower gardens to add to the lilies and hostas - loved them. I hear ya on Tinkerbell - you can only watch her so many times, lol.
    Well, don't work too hard at those machines - enjoy it. We have done a lot more to the garage since those pics - so stay tuned - you won't believe it..... love ya....

  3. he is a cutey isn't he? I can understand why Roger throws him peanuts. When your garage looks like that it means you are finally settled ^_^

  4. It's encouraging to know that someone thinks I am finally getting settled. We are I know but it's a long process. Good to hear from ya, girlfriend. I got that hyperlink thing down now but, FB wouldn't let me do it previously - it wouldn't publish the link. Love ya girl....