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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We're In......

                       Hi there, grab a cup of coffee and pull up a seat so we can chat a while...

It has been a while - in fact a whole week
since we were last able to sit together...
I apologize but, this move has really blown our schedules
out of the water....

Last Wednesday was the big moving day for us.
The day we moved all the furniture and
as many boxes as we could.
What a day that was.
As you all know - and have experienced yourself
very exhausting work.

We wound up with boxes everywhere -

Did I mention there were boxes everywhere??

Not a surface or space was void of a box....

They were everywhere and they seemed to be multiplying....
We couldn't get away from them.

On Thursday and Friday I began unpacking with Papa's assistance...

And a little from Miss A....
She unpacked everything in any given box and
just threw it in whatever cabinet was handy...
no organizing for this girl....

But finally after several days of making trips to the condo,
unpacking, arranging and rearranging this where
we are now....

Our nice, neat, organized kitchen.

Our neat and organized dining room.
This is looking our to our back yard.
No curtains yet - that's another day....

Another view of the dining room
looking toward the kitchen.

One view of the living room.
The two chairs, round table and book case
are compliments of the lady that lived here before us.

The big brown monstrous sectional's replacement.
A very comfortable sofa
two leather recliners that vibrate and heat
for all those bad backs in this family...
And a new area rug.
I absolutely love this rug.
And it's shag.
Wasn't that all the rage in the 70's???
I vaguely remember having shag in our entire house then.

The china cabinet compliments of the previous owner.
This is scheduled for a redo in the future
so stay tuned - you don't want to miss that one. 
Right now it holds books and china.
A great storage piece. 
Even in this big ole house we needed extra storage space.

This is one of the best parts of moving here...
this is our back yard.
It was an old golf course that went defunct but,
makes a beautiful park like area for a back yard.
These woods are full of deer and
they come up into the yard at night.
Guess I am going to have to research
deer resistant flowers, lol.....

Well, that is it for the present tour.
We are in but the rest of the rooms are not together yet.
We still have a couple of trips to make to the condo
then we have a 10x10 storage to empty out.

Boy, do we have our work cut out for us.
Our first projects will be in Miss A's room.

Well, I must go - there is a box calling my name.
Come back soon
to see what is happening here in the Carolina's.

                                                               Lovin' my life in Carolina...


  1. The house looks great (minus the flowery wallpaper lol)!!! :)

  2. Thank you we are really loving it. We do still have a lot to do thought....lol.....

  3. WoW! Big job, and a big house! I still haven't figured out which room has the window towards the front of the house! I wandered through all your pictures, But i just keep getting lost..., maybe sometime you can draw a floor plan to end the confusion?
    Love you Sis =)