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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Chalkboard Art: Easy as 1-2-3

I am a lover of all things chalkboard. I have them everywhere.  Some I have created from thrift store finds such as old framed pictures, mirrors, canvases, and plates; but,  I have also added chalkboards to some pieces of furniture I have redone and even turned a kitchen wall into a chalkboard - that's how much I love them.   However, I am unable to do the beautiful chalk art I see all over Pinterest that makes me swoon. It takes me hours and hours just to do a bit of stenciled lettering on one.  So, to say I fell madly in love with this amazing product I just found would be an understatement.  I. AM.IN.LOVE!!  I can now do those amazing chalkboards I see all the time,  AND... in just a few minutes - instead of hours and hours of stressing over one to get it perfect.

Vintage Paint and more... a collage of projects that can be done with the Chalk Couture transfers and pastes on chalkboards

What is the secret I have discovered to making easy chalkboard art, you ask... Chalk Couture.  You can create your own masterpiece, no matter what your crafting ability is .... over and over again.   It's as easy as 1-2-3 and you have beautiful customized decor for your home that you have created yourself.  And, if you decide you want to change it in a few days, weeks or months - just wipe it off and make a new customized piece.  

Vintage Paint and more... Chalk Couture image of Love grows here transfer used on a 9x12 framed chalkboard

This is a method using transfers, pastes, and inks to turn your boards from boring to amazing.  It is such an easy process that anyone can use them with picture-perfect results every time that last forever  -  or,  if you decide you don't want that particular design anymore you just wash it off and start all over with a new design. So versatile - you can change it out to fit your mood, the weather or the holidays.  

Vintage Paint and more... Chalk Couture - a sampling of the transfers used to make home decor with chalk paste and inks

These chalks and inks can be used on almost any surface except plastic.  Just imagine customizing your own decor using these products.  I am thinking of chalkboards, art canvas, furniture  (painted or stained), glass, fabric, tin, wood farmhouse signs - whatever you can dream you can make.  Not only can you use it for your home decor but also for gifts for friends and family.  Such a fun and versatile product that can be used over and over again.

Vintage Paint and more... Chalk Couture pastes used with their transfers to make beautiful customized home decor

I love it so much that I have become an independent designer for Chalk Couture.  Chalk Couture cannot be purchased in stores or online but must be purchased from an independent designer. Therefore,  I have a shop where you can go to purchase transfers and paste to make your own amazing chalkboards and chalk art.

Vintage Paint and more... Chalk Couture Independent Designer logo

So stay tuned here and check out my Facebook Page and my new Facebook group,  Chaulkin' With Cathy where I will be sharing lots of fun projects using Chalk Couture.  I will also be sharing lots of tips, tricks, and techniques in the Chalkin' With Cathy group.  You will definitely want to join this group so you don't miss a thing. Can't wait to see you there - we're going to have a great time.

Until next time - have fun creating something you love.
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  1. I like that if, say, you have a large chalkboard that takes up a lot of wall space, you can change the saying or the images seasonally. What a great idea! I look forward to seeing more of your projects!

    1. I love that about it also - I love changing my decor for each season and now it's going to be so simple.