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Monday, August 21, 2017

Cotton Wreath Made from a Cotton Garland

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This summer I spent most of my time getting projects done for my grand daughter's upcoming wedding.  Then it had to be postponed.  Her fiance' is in the Marines and is being deployed. Since she has her heart set on a fall barn wedding she decided to wait till next fall.    So, I began putting all the things away - done projects, parts of projects and supplies to make more projects when I came across a piece of cotton garland I had leftover from one of the projects we did. 

                               COTTON WREATH MADE FROM A COTTON GARLAND

Vintage, Paint and more... a cotton wreath made by wrapping a cotton garland in a circle and adding a ribbon bow, hanging on a chicken wire window frame

While I stood there holding it I started winding it up in a circle to place in one of the tubs and then I had a "duh" moment.  Why not make it into one of those cotton wreaths I have been wanting for so long.  (I just didn't want to pay the price they are asking for them.)  I don't really have a tutorial for this as I simply wound the garland around in a circle and tied it with twine in a couple of places to hold its shape.  (Sometimes I am experimenting with an object and wind up with a finished product before I can even think about taking pictures.)  Then I added a pretty little black and white check bow to the top.  And, in 10 minutes time, I had one of those cute little cotton wreaths.  Isn't it funny how ideas are born at the most unlikely moments.  

Vintage, Paint and more... cotton wreath made from a cotton garland hanging on a chicken wire picture frame, egg basket with crochet threads, diy painted and stenciled milk bottles with daisies, vintage lamp,

I hung it on my chicken wire window frame in our hallway and I have to say I  love it.  I love how it pops against the wire and the black frame.  I love that it looks so vintage and just adds to this little vignette. And I love that I was able to use something leftover instead of throwing it out.  

 Have you had a "duh" moment lately and made something unexpected for your home?   I love to hear from you so tell me about it in the comments below.

Vintage, Paint and more... diy cotton wreath made from a cotton garland

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