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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Twisted Paper Pumpkins

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Yesterday was the first day of school for Miss A and with that, we officially close the door to summer and start ushering in fall at our house.  This means back to a normal routine instead of the hub bub and craziness of summer days and bringing out all the fall decor.  I love this part - putting all the vibrant colors and textures in our home to make it a cozy little retreat for those cool days that are coming.
I have been working on several fall projects the past few weeks and will be sharing them with you soon but, today I thought I would reshare a cute little pumpkin that I made a few years back.  It's a quick and easy project you might enjoy making and will get you in the mood for fall.

          DIY  Twisted Paper Pumpkins

Vitnage, Paint and more... pumpkins made by gluing strips on a craft pumpkin

You may remember these cute little pumpkins but, if you're new here they may be a whole new project for you to try.  These little guys are so cute and add a lot of interest and texture to any decor. They're simple to make and take very little time.  I made them while watching  TV with hubby in the evenings - so no real concentration needed either.

Vintage, Paint and more... supplies needed to make a lunch bag pumpkin

The few materials needed are pretty easily found.   All you need is a Dollar Tree pumpkin, brown lunch bags or any paper of your choice really, scissor, hot glue and gun, and some twine. The complete tutorial can be found here but, the cliff notes follow.

Vintage, Paint and more... twists of paper used to make a lunch bag pumpkin

Just cut and twist strips of paper.

Vintage, Paint and more... gluing the paper twists on to a craft pumpkin for a lunch bag pumpkin

Glue the strips on the pumpkin completely covering it.

Vintage, Paint and more... a decorative pumpkin made by gluing twisted strips of brown lunch bags on a craft pumpkin then wrapping the stem with twine and adding paper leaves

When finished gluing the strips on - wrap the stem with the twine and add a couple of leaves if desired.

Vintage, Paint and more... decorative pumpkins made by twisting paper strips and gluing to a craft pumpkin

Quick, easy, and so cute.  I love the rustic look and the texture the paper gives.  I like to mix these with other pumpkins to make vintage looking vignettes.  You can use them in your neutral or colorful decors - they fit right in with both.  Think you might like to try making your own?  I love to hear from you so tell me about how you might use them in your home.

Until next time - have fun creating something you love and try to stay cool.....

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