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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Surf Board Inspired Table

Good morning everyone.
   Today I am going to share a project from a while back that I never got around to sharing.  I had lost the pics but just found a couple of them.(I apologize for the lack of pictures in this post.) It's what I call the Surfer Table or the Surf Board Inspired Table.  It was a table that my son had some fun with and painted to look like a surf board. He used to surf when we lived in Florida and when he saw it at the thrift store said he thought the shape kind of reminded him of an old surfboard. What do you think?   Did he call it right?

Vintage, Paint and more... thrift table painted like a surf board in beach colors

We were out thrift shopping one day and saw this table outside the shop.  It had been sitting out there for a while and was quite weathered and in very rough shape.  As you can see it has a big stain on the front and is really rough.  "T" gave it a good sanding first but the stain and the discolorations in the wood were still quite evident.  Basically the only save for this table was painting.

Vintage, Paint and more... original shape of surfer table prior to being painted

So after thinking about it for a while he decided to paint it to fit into our teen hangout room in the loft of the home we were living in at the time. This room was done with our teen grands in mind for when they came to spend the summer months with us. 

Vintage, Paint and more... beach themed teen hangout room done in bright beach colors - diy painted thrifted furniture

The primary colors we used in this room were Valspar's Sweet Rhapsody and Key Lime.  The combination is just so beachy feeling and very upbeat for teenagers. You can see more of it here.  So "T" decided to use those two colors on the surfer table.  He taped it off with with painter's tape so the stripes were all crisp when it was done.  Beautiful! I love this combination of colors.

Vintage, Paint and more... surf board inspired table painted in bright beachy colors

He then waxed it with Johnson's Minwax - 2 coats as it was going in the teen room and... accidents happen.  Didn't it turn out just perfect for a beachy teen hangout? 
What have you been up to this lazy summer week?  I love to hear from you so tell me all about it in the comments below.  

Until next time - have fun creating something you love. 
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