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Monday, July 13, 2015

DIY Monogram Wall Art and A Blog Hop

Hi Everyone.
Today I am participating with 15 other bloggers in a DIY Wall Art Hop - so much fun and so many great and inspirational wall art ideas. I have been redoing our living and dining rooms and needed some new wall art so I am quite exited to see all the creativeness everyone brings to this hop.  I am going to be busy all afternoon checking all these out.

  I decided to make a gold monogram to hang on our wall in the future gallery wall I am planning.  It was quite easy to do and very budget friendly as it is made from thumb tacks.  I love how it turned out.

Vintage, Paint and more... monogram wall art diy'd  with gold thumbtacks

S upplies needed:
A frame you wish to use
Black foam core board (I got mine at Dollar Tree)
A pattern of the monogram you wish to use
Approximately 600 gold thumbtacks (or color of choice). 

Vintage, Paint and more... supplies used to diy a monogram wall art

I had this old frame I picked up from a thrift store some time back and decided it was the one I wanted to use for this project.

Vintage, Paint and more... thrifted frame used to diy monogram wall art

First I removed the cardboard backing from the frame to use as the pattern for the size I needed to cut the foam core.  I used a craft knife to cut the foam core with.

Vintage, Paint and more... cutting the foam core used to make monogram wall art

I then centered the "C" on the foam core and traced around it to get my outline for the thumb tacks.

Vintage, Paint and more... wood monogram used to diy wall art

This picture shows the outline very faintly.

Vintage, Paint and more... DIY monogram wall art

When I started pushing thumbtacks into the foam core I found that they stuck out the back a bit.  So I had to cut a smaller piece of foam core and tape it to the back with wide packing tape.  I didn't want those little points exposed so they could scratch up the wall.

Vintage, Paint and more... DIY monogram wall art

Then I just began sticking thumbtacks into the letter.  I started at the top of the "C" and did it in sort of rows.  There is no pattern or right or wrong way to do it.  Just make sure all the black is covered up.  It's quite simple and goes fairly quick.  I think it's probably one of the easiest projects I have ever done.

Vintage, Paint and more... DIY monogram wall art from thumb tacks and thrifted painted frame

This is a picture of it hanging on the wall. It will be added to my gallery wall when I get the rest of the components for it done.

Vintage, Paint and more.... DIY monogram wall art from thumb tacks, rustic lamp, seashells

In the mean time I have it sitting on the table in the foyer.  I love the gold against the black and the white of the frame.  I also love how simple this is and that it makes such a great statement piece.  I am thinking this would make a great gift also.

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If you have some wall art you would like to share we would love to see it.  Just add it to the linky below and we will be featuring our favorites throughout the week on our social media pages.  Then visit a few I'm sure you will find lots of creativeness that will inspire you.