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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

DIY Multipurpose Cabinet

Good morning everyone.
 Today I want to share with you a project that "T" has been working on for a few weeks.  He was commissioned to make a cabinet for a friend of his and in his "spare" time has been working on it.  I call it a multipurpose cabinet because I can think of so many uses for it however, she is going to be using it in her bathroom.  

Vintage, Paint and more... DIY multipurpose cabinet

I forget to go to the garage when he is working and take pictures of the process but I have a few you can see.

Vintage, Paint and more... collage of building stages of DIY multipurpose cabinet

Top left: the finished  cabinet before staining.
Top right: the beginning box structure.
Bottom left: the finished drawer construction.
Bottom right: the two drawers finished.

Vintage, Paint and more... DIY multipurpose cabinet

This is the finished cabinet.  I am not too fond of the color that she chose to stain it - Minwax Sedona Red.  It is way too red for me however it does match the woods in her home and she is quite pleased with it.

Vintage, Paint and more... shelf area of DIY multipurpose cabinet

She is using it in her bathroom for storage. This is the top cabinet area open that is large enough to store several towels or whatever she chooses.

Vintage, Paint and more... small drawer of DIY multipurpose cabinet

Second is the smaller drawer that is a good size to store quite a few items.

Vintage, Paint and more... hamper area of DIY multipurpose cabinet

Then is the part I love - a clothes hamper including a bag.  I love this idea for a bathroom or a bedroom.  But you could use it for all sorts of storage - your imagination could go wild with this piece.  Needless to say I think we will be getting one of these at our house or two or three...

Vintage, Paint and more... hardware on multipurpose cabinet

This is a closeup of the hardware - he picked a black with a bronze trim around it to set them off a bit.

IVintage, Paint and more... inside of DIY multipurpose cabinet

So much space in one little cabinet - so many uses.  I love it.
 Now that "T" has finished this project he wants to finish a couple of others that were put on hold. With the cooler temps here Papa and I have been painting the living and dining rooms and I will be sharing that with you soon, along with a few other additions to that area of the house. Can't wait to get to that point.
On an added note - this weekend was quite exciting for our family as "T's" daughter - our granddaughter became engaged. He proposed to her right after he graduated from the Marine Basic Camp - right in the parking lot!
Needless to say she was quite surprised as were all of us.  The wedding is not for quite a while as she has to finish college and he has to finish his training.  But we are looking forward to lots of wedding planning in the future.

What have you been up to this summer?  Are you just taking some time off or have you been busy getting some projects out of the way or have you had some exciting news also?  I love to hear from you so tell me about it in the comments below.

Until next time have fun creating something you love.

I will be sharing with the parties listed on the Where I Party page. Please go by and visit them - I am sure you will find some great creativeness and inspiration there.


  1. That cabinet is so gorgeous! Lucky to have such talent in the family. And a very special congratulations on the engagement in the family - exciting times!

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