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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spring Wreath

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My how time flies.  It actually seems we were just making our New Years Goals and putting away Christmas - then the Valentine decorations and here we are thinking  of Spring already.  But when so many are still experiencing lots of snow it is hard to believe that it's just around the corner. So in celebration of Spring soon arriving I am going to show you a quick little Spring wreath you can make. This little wreath could be used for St.Patrick's Day as well as the Spring season.

Vintage, Paint and more... Spring wreath made from fabric and a Styrofoam wreath form

This cute little wreath is made of  spring green fabric and blue fabric rosettes. It is quite simple to make but there are a lot of pictured steps so let's get started.

You will need:
a Styrofoam wreath form
1/2 yard of your choice of main fabric
1/4 yard of contrasting fabric for rosettes
hot glue gun and sticks
scissors and pinking shears
needle and thread
a pencil or screw driver
measuring tape
10" piece of twine

Vintage, Paint and more... Supplies used to make a spring wreath - Styrofoam wreath form, pinking shears, hot glue and fabric

First you will need to cut your main fabric(mine is the spring green) into 3" squares with the pinking shears. Using the shears will keep the fabric from fraying and give it a nice little edge. I don't remember the exact number you need. When I do these I usually make a nice stack and then add to it as needed.

Vintage, Paint and more... using twine to make a hanger for a wreath made with a Styrofoam wreath form

Tie your twine around your wreath form and make a loop. This will be your hanger.

Vintage, Paint and more... folding the fabric squares for a wreath

Fold your fabric in half diagonally corner to corner with right side of fabric on the inside of the fold. This will let the print of the fabric show when placed on the wreath.
(This pic is with burlap as I forgot to get one with the fabric here.)

Vintage, Paint and more... 2nd fold of the fabric for a wreath

Make a tiny little pleat at the center point, add glue to it and then push it into the Styrofoam with the pencil or screw driver.
Which ever one works better for you.
Vintage, Paint and more... putting glued squares of fabric into a Styrofoam wreath form

This is a closeup of how the squares will look in the form when pushed in.

Vintage, Paint and more... placement of the fabric in a Styrofoam wreath form for a Spring wreath

Two views of the placement of the fabric squares.

Vintage, Paint and more... Another view of the placement of fabric for a Spring Wreath

Start on the inside of the wreath and work back and forth across all the way around it.
You may need to go back and fill in any little gaps you may see along the way.

(The next few pictures have a bit of lamp glare in them as I work at night when I do these.)

Spring Wreath - image of contrasting fabric being cut into strips

Cut the contrasting fabric in 2 1/2 inch wide by 36 inches long strips.

Sprng Wreath - image of step 1 fold of rosette

Fold this strip in half  length ways. Then turn done the corner as shown above and tack it with a long piece of thread on a needle.

Sprng Wreath - image of step 2 of fold for rosette

Fold the bottom corner over to the fold edge you just made and tack it. This will be the center of your rosette.

Spring Wreath - image of step 3 of fold for rosette

Fold this fold over one more time and tack it in place.

Spring Wreath - image of step 4 of fold for rosette

Now make a basting/running stitch along the bottom edge of the strip about 1 - 2 inches.
Pull the stitching to gather it and then tack to the already folded "center" portion .

Spring Wreath - image of step 5 of fold of rosette

It will look like this after the gathering and tacking. Do another running/basting stitch about 1-2 inches along bottom edge again.

Spring Wreath - image of step 6 of fold for rosette

Pull the stitch to gather the fabric and tack along the edge of the already gathered portion. You will see the beginning of the formation of a bud. Continue to follow this step of stitching and tacking to the end of the strip of fabric.

Spring Wreath - image of bottom of finished rosette

Tie your thread off and cut. The bottom will look like this.

Spring Wreath - image of finished rosette
The rosette will look like this. Now there is an easier method of doing this. You can use a sewing machine to gather the strip and then
just wrap as I have done here and tack it along the way to keep it in place.
I actually do these while watching TV and do not want to get my machine out.

Vintage, Paint and more... a Spring Wreath made from a Styrofoam wreath form and fabric

I made 11 rosettes of varying sizes. The size is determined by the length of the fabric. You can adjust the length as you cut them or when you reach the size you want
just cut off the remaining length of fabric.

Vintage, Paint and more... a Spring Wreath and/or St. Patrick's wreath made with fabric squares and fabric rosettes

The green really pops against our black door 
and looks great for St. Patrick's Day. But it will probably be there to usher Spring right in this year also.  It can also be used for different times of the year depending on the fabric you use - think summer, fall, Christmas, the possibilities are endless.

This is actually my first bit of Spring decorating . What have you done or are you waiting just a bit longer to start?
I love to hear from you - tell us what you are planning in the comments....

Until next time enjoy creating something you love.

Spring Wreath - my signature
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