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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Paper Leaf Wreath

Vintage, Paint and more... wreath made from book page and scrapbook paper leaves

Last week I showed you my Fall Mantel and told you that I would be posting a tutorial about the paper leaf wreath I made as the feature of that mantel.  I had gotten the idea that I wanted to make a wreath out of paper this year when I was awake in the wee hours one night and my mind was working overtime as it does then.  Paper is one of my favorite mediums - next to paint and I love to create with it.  I love how this turned out and how it contrasts with the black chalkboard I mounted it on.  So without further ado I will tell you how to make this very simple wreath for yourself.

Vintage, Paint and more... grapevine wreath with paper leaves for fall

First I decided I wanted to have book page leaves mixed in with ones made from the colorful fall scrapbook papers I have.  I traced a "faux" leaf onto the papers and cut them out.  It takes a while but if you are watching a good TV program the time passes quickly.

Vintage, Paint and more... paper leaves from scrapbook and book pages

Then I wadded each leaf up into a ball to make them look all wrinkly.  I then used a Vintage Photo distress ink by Tim Holtz to add some distressing to the edges and creases so the leaves look like they are old fallen leaves.

Vintage, Paint and more... wreath made with leaves from paper

These are the piles of leaves after they are distressed.  I did not use all these and have some left over for another project later.

Vintage, Paint and more... fall wreath made from grapevine and paper leaves

I decided to glue the leaves to a grapevine wreath I picked up at Dollar Tree.  It's about a 12" form so this wreath is not huge. 

Vintage, Paint and more... fall wreath made with grapevine form and leaves of paper

I just began gluing them in a random fashion interspersing more book page leaves than scrapbook leaves.  Just keep gluing them on the sides as well as the front to cover all the grapevine up.  I somehow failed to take any more photos of the gluing process but it is quite simple.

Vintage, Paint and more... Fall wreath made from paper and grapevine form mounted on chalkboard

I left an area blank at the top and added a few "faux" berry and statis stems then a burlap bow I made.
For this wreath I mounted it to a chalkboard I made from an old picture.  I tied a piece of twine to the grapevine wreath and then to the picture hanger on the back making sure the wreath placement was to my liking.  I had already written the word "FALL" on the board before tying the wreath so I would know exactly where to place it.

Vintage, Paint and more... Vintage fall mantel featuring paper leaf wreath and dollar store pumpkins

This is how it looks on my mantel this year.  I am really pleased with the way it turned out.  Such a simple and easy project that cost me a total of $1 for the wreath form as I already had everything else.  My kind of project.

Are you making a change in your fall wreath this year?  What are you planning on using?  
Tell me about it in the comments below - I answer all comments by email. 

Until next time - have fun creating something you love.

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