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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Perfect Late Summer Morning

Good morning everyone.
Hope today is just as awesome for you as it is for us.

Vintage, Paint and more... late summer beach

 It's a gorgeous day here at the beach today.  The sun is shining bright, there is a wonderful breeze and the temp is in the high 70's.  What more could you want in a day.  Hurricane Cristabel is off the East coast but far enough out to sea that we are really getting no more effects but a little low pressure changes.  With a day like this it was a must to take my morning coffee out to the patio and just revel in the beauty.

Vintage, Paint and more... last roses of summer
( Some of the last roses of summer.)

 The leaves are starting to show a little change in their color - especially the oak trees in our back yard and they are beginning to fall to the ground.  The fall grasses are beginning to become abundant and showing their beauty along with the late summer/ early fall flower bloomers.  I am really ready for fall this year for some reason - even though it is actually still about 4 weeks away.  Maybe because our last few weeks have been so hectic that I am ready for the laid back quietness of fall.

Vintage, Paint and more... fall wreath made of white burlap

 I have been holding off doing any fall projects but thought I would pull  out a wreath I had made a couple years ago in case you wanted to make one yourself and get started on it in time to have for your fall decor.  It's a beautiful burlap wreath that lends texture, "rusticness" and a vintage feel to any decor but - is oh so perfect for those fall porches and mantels.  So follow the link for the step by step tutorial - it's easy and goes pretty quick and the results are awesome.

                                                            Burlap Wreath Tutorial

 I am working on some fall decor projects and hope to have them ready soon.  And - there are some big changes coming our way in the next few weeks so be sure and follow me by email so you don't miss them when they come.

Until next time 
Have fun creating something you love

I will be linking to the parties listed on my I Party At page.  So go visit them and check out some of the projects there - you won't be disappointed.

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