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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Book Page Note Holder

Written by: Cathy Carroll

Book Page Note Holder- biz card holder made from old paper back book, trimmed with lace

I am totally in love with book page projects 
constantly on the look out for uses for old books.
When I was putting my new Communication Center together
I needed something to put all those 
appointment cards, business cards, stray phone numbers and coupons in.
I decided to use an old book re purposed for such a task.

Book Page Note Holder - image of book page noteholder on stenciled clip board

This is what I came up with.
I used an old paper back novel and folded the pages so they were tight.
Then I embellished it and hung it on a clip board to hold all those loose pieces.

I decided I liked it so well that I made one for my desk also.
Book Page Note Holder - desk top note holder vignette

I love them - but then, they are old altered books.
They are so simple to make and you can have one done in just about an hour

You will need:
an old paper back novel with at least 300 pages
a glue gun and glue sticks
fabric or scrap paper for embellishing
decorative pieces to embellish with 
such as buttons, clips, ribbons what ever you desire.

Book Page Note Holder - image of open paper back book

To start you will need a paper back book in fairly good shape.
I like to choose those that have some yellowing or aging along the edges.
This adds to the vintage look I desire.
You really can't see it in this picture but, there is a faint yellowing all along the edges.

Book Page Note Holder - Image of paper back book with several folded pages

Start folding the pages in half length wise.
The above picture shows you how.  
You will want to do this for every page.
A boring job but, quite simple.

Book Page Note Holder - image of side view of folded book

When you are finished it will look like this- a large column
in the cover of the book.

Book Page Note Holder - image of cardboard backing of book

Next I used a piece of chip board that measured 5x7 and glued it to the back of the book.
This really stabilized it and kept it flatter against the surface it was on.

Book Page Note Holder - Image of folded book with drop cloth fabric

Next I cut a piece of (you guessed it) drop cloth fabric 
and place it between the cover and the column.

Book Page Note Holder - image of drop cloth being glued to cardboard backing.

I covered it by first turning each corner up as above and gluing it
I turned the end flap up and glued it.
Lastly, I did each side.

Book Page Note Holder - image of desk top holder vignette

I covered both flaps and then embellished them.
On this one that sits on my desk 
I used a lace applique and old button.
I ran a little bit of lace edging along each side of the column.
To keep it from interfering with the accordion part of the column 
I glued it on the first and last page of the column.
This holds it tight but not so tight you cannot use the pages to hold cards.

Book Page Note Holder - image of finished book on clipboard

For the one on the clipboard I just ran a piece of ribbon along the edge and glued it to the back.
I then clipped the other edge under the clip of the board.

Book Page Note Holder - image of finished book on desk with bird and tin can of flowers

Aren't they great.
You can fill these with so many things that need to be organized.
I love both of them 
they are in heavy use already.

Think you might make one to help organize in your home?
Tell us in the comments where you would use yours.

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Until next time
have fun creating something you love....

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