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Friday, January 10, 2014

Drop Cloth Owl Pillow

Written by: Cathy Carroll, Vintage Paint and more...

I have been working with drop cloth fabric a lot
have found I am totally in love with the final look -
Much like rustic linen.
It has so much texture and when combined with lace is beautiful.
I was working on a couple of projects
decided to make an owl pillow for one of my granddaughters.
Owl pillows are all the rage right now
one made of drop cloth just seemed to make sense to me.

Drop Cloth Owl Pillow - owl made from drop cloth fabric with lace embellishement and big black button eyes.

I think he is so adorable
And, he was extremely easy to make.
My sister owns a fabric shop -
Fabric Plus in Wood River, Illinois
has an Etsy shop
she sells all sorts of beautiful fabrics, laces, appliques and accessories.
Right before Christmas she sent me a package of goodies
told me to have fun creating.
If you read my blog much you know that is my favorite thing to do.
I sat down with the items and began to play with them.
I came up with the owl pillow above as my first project.

I started with a free handed pattern I drew.

Drop Cloth Owl Pillow - making the pattern for the owl...

I folded an 8x11" piece of paper in half and drew the outline of
a primitive owl
that would be easy to sew.
I also added the eyes and wings where I thought they would be placed.

Drop Cloth Owl Pillow - cut out drop cloth pattern

I then cut the basic shape out of a piece of drop cloth fabric left over from
my other projects at Christmas.

Drop Cloth Owl Pillow - lace wings with buttonhole trim sewn to sides of pattern

Then I hand sewed on two wings made from one lace medallion.
It was fairly symmetrical so I was able to 
get two out of one piece.
Then the buttonhole looping I have been using for all sorts of projects
was pulled out to trim around the wings.

Drop Cloth Owl Pillow - eyebrows made from pieces of lace and eyes are two large black buttons

Then I took the left over pieces and was able to come up with two "eyebrows".
I happened to have two large black buttons
that were perfect for the eyes and sewed them on.

Drop Cloth Owl Pillow - beak made from leftover triangle of lace

There was a little triangle of lace left over so 
I used it for the beak.
It was perfect.

Drop Cloth Owl Pillow-completed owl pillow with lace embellishments and big black button eyes  on blue plaid blanket

I then sewed the two pieces together leaving the bottom open and trimmed the seams.
I stuffed it with polyester fiber fill
then hand sewed the bottom together.

This is the finished pillow.
I love the drop cloth fabric with the lace.
My granddaughter Sissy also loves it.
He now resides at her house..
Maybe I'll make a cousin that can live here....

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Until next time
have fun creating something you love....

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