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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Years Goals

Written by Cathy Carroll for Vintage, Paint and more... 
It is so hard for me to believe it is January 8 already.
We have been traveling throughout this holiday
are finally home.
But, as always happens time did not stand still here
there is so much to do.
We were in the Midwest this past couple weeks
while we were there for this

we were able to leave before the big snows hit
the sub zero temperatures.
Albeit, we did have single digit temps here at the beach.
Unusual but, not unheard of.
So, I have been hibernating as I really don't care for anything
below about 60 degrees.

 My Christmas tree is still up and most of my decorations
instead of worrying about them
I decided to sit down and think about the coming year.

I am not a person who is able to set resolutions
and keep them. 
In fact, I hate resolutions.
Instead - I set goals for myself.
But, I do it differently than most people do.
I set my goals by month, week and day.

I am also a person that is still caught in the pre- tech days
love to write everything down with pen and paper.
I love to make lists just so I can cross off each item
as I finish it.
This act gives me such a feeling of accomplishment - to look at
a list with lots of cross offs.
So, I have been making lists and scheduling the items in my planner.

I actually make several lists with goals for the year.
They are divided into categories:
personal goals
house goals
blog goals
misc. goals.

I then take each goal and assign it to a month - I usually only do 3 months at a time.
If I try to do the whole year and I get behind it frustrates me.

For example - I am in the process of redoing our kitchen.
I actually started this before Thanksgiving.
I still have several projects to finish for it, along with the reorganization of some
of the areas.
So, for January I have made the kitchen my house goal.
I then took each thing that had to be done to finish it
assigned it a day in January to do.
That way I should be done by the end of January and be able to
show the big reveal of our newly redecorated kitchen.
I follow this same procedure with all my goals.

My January  goals are as follows:
House - finish all projects and organization of the kitchen
Personal - start a healthy eating program ( you will hear more about that later)
and a walking program
Blog - actually set up a posting schedule along with social media scheduling
Misc - finish my oldest granddaughters scrapbook.

Stick with me as I take you through all the projects I have planned for our
"new" kitchen
begin my new healthy lifestyle changes.
I think you will find something enjoyable and fun to try.

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Until next time
have fun creating something you love....

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