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Monday, November 25, 2013

A Handmade Christmas - Wreaths

Written by: Cathy Carroll; Vintage, Paint and more...

A Handmade Christmas - Part 2

Today I am going to show you a few wreaths you can make.
I love wreaths and have always made my own.
I don't remember ever buying a ready made one.
They are so expensive
I have found I can make them quite easily
and stick within my budget.
Thru the years I have made every kind you can imagine.
But, for this series I am going to stick to the ones I am using in my décor
this season.

Last year I made three wreaths that I will be reusing this year.

This book page paper wreath that I just wrote a tutorial about
(finally, after a year - what took you so long, Cathy?).
This is probably my favorite one.
It cost me all of 10 cents for the book
a few hot glue sticks and staples.
You can't get much cheaper than that for a wreath this large.
I love this wreath and it has taken up residence over our fireplace - year round.
It fills that space wonderfully and makes such a statement there.
I know I would never have found one that size in my budget.

Then there is our burlap wreath that is out year round as well.
This one is quite easy to make
does take some time and,  you will probably get a few glue gun burns along the way.
I wrote a tutorial for it also.
I think this one is quite versatile
can be dressed up for any season or just left plain -
as I usually have it.
 I love the vintage plain natural look it gives me.

 In this somewhat fuzzy picture from last year
I placed some red faux poinsettias in it to make it a little more Christmas-y.
But, you could use ornaments or pine cones
whatever you desired to dress this one up a lot.
Since it's made on a Styrofoam form base you can stick most
anything in it and then remove it after the season
with out harming it's integrity.
That's great for versatility on a budget.

Then there is the pine cone wreath.
I had wanted one of these for years but, never had the pine cones.
Last year we moved to a home that has an abundance of them
we gathered them, baked them, painted them, glittered them
came up with this wreath which I am in love with.
It stands out so bright against our black door
is most admittedly quite dressed up for the Christmas season
with it's red berries and glitter.
I wrote a tutorial to make it here.
This one is definitely inexpensive if you have a yard full of pine cones.
Just the cost of a metal wreath form - about $3, glue sticks, some white spray paint,
a little white glitter, and a few Dollar Store berries.
Not really much investment for such an impact.

This yarn wreath is this years addition to our Christmas décor.
I fell in love with these on Pinterest
so I decided to make one.
This one is so simple and took me about 2 hours to make.
Not much time for such a lovely wreath.
I love it just as it is - no embellishment at all.
Its texture is its statement.
I am incorporating it into our décor this year  - aiming for simple elegance.
( I will also be posting a tutorial on how to make it soon)

That's it for Christmas wreaths.
What do you think - maybe you will be making one for your
front door?
Which one would you choose?

I will be adding more to the Handmade for Christmas series
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Until next time
have fun creating something you love....

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