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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Handmade for Christmas - Trees

Written by : Cathy Carroll; Vintage, Paint and more...

After writing yesterday's post about all the
Christmas inspiration that is floating around in blog land,
I thought I would write a series on
A Handcrafted Christmas.
I love to create and craft
Christmas is probably my favorite time of the year to do this.

I have always made most of my decor
instead of using the store bought versions.
First because the price is way more than I want to pay
 second - I get so much pleasure in the challenge of making it myself.
So, today I thought I would start with my new passion.....
Trees, trees and more trees.
I got on this kick of making those cute little cone trees last year
it carried over into this year.
These little guys started the spree I went on.
I made these from buttonholing.
A sewing notion for wedding gowns.
(The tutorial is here which is the basis for all the trees I make)
These little trees were so easy to make that I got a little carried away
have made them out of all sorts of mediums.
I not only display them at Christmas but, year round.
They are so versatile for any decor and look great.
Here are a few more that I have made.
This one is made from white burlap with red beads
a gold partridge atop.
I have it standing on a tall white candlestick.

The tall white one is made of white felt triangles.
I must have cut about 200 I glued on the cone.
Then I added little gold beads and stood it on two candlesticks that are stacked.
The little gold one is made from gold cording.

This one is made from white satin cording
is standing on a candlestick.

I wrapped this cone with fuzzy beige yarn
stood it on an old lamp stand.
I love the vintage look of this one....

This one is made from book pages.
 I cut them into decreasing size squares with decorative edge scissors.
Then I stacked them on a dowel from largest to smallest.
I love this tree a lot but, I am a lover of book page art...

Another book page tree made from an old dictionary.
You can see how to make it here.

And, yet another paper one.
This one is just some Christmas script scrapbook paper that is glued onto the cone.
Then I wrapped a little gold cording around it.

A cute little silver lace one with silver beading wrapped around it.
Sitting next to a Dollar Tree tray that I
painted with chalkboard paint.
On top a little silver bird reading the message....

A more rustic one that I wrapped with twine
actually display this one year round
along with my book page ones.

And these two that are made from burlap ribbon.
The background is actually a pillow cover I made.
The cover is made from my favorite drop cloth fabric.
Then I cut out lots of little leaves and sewed them on the pillow
in the shape of a wreath.
 I used little red buttons sewed on in clusters
to resemble the berries.
I love all these little trees and continue to add to my collection
when I see something I just have use to make one.
They are very versatile and so darn cute.
Think you might be adding some little trees to your d├ęcor this year?
I would love to know what you are crafting.
Tell us about it in the comments below.

I will be adding to the Handmade for Christmas series in next few weeks,
so you will not want to miss a single post.
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where you will find all kinds of inspiration.

Until next time
have fun creating something you love....

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